Hello October!

I've been so busy at work last week! Packed with proposals and appointments. I'm not complaining because it's good for me.

First time doing advert for laser treatment.

My skin is very sensitive and I believe I've shared about my first scary IPL experience. I did a lot of research and consultation about the type of laser that Gangnam clinic has before I agreed to it. To be honest, I'm very worried about how my skin will cope with the treatment even when I'm at the clinic.

After the consultation with Doctor, I was brought into a room where the nurse there helped me to remove my skin make up. They took photos of my before treatment for documentation purpose too.

Treatment was completed in 15 minutes and I can assured you that it's totally painless and fuss free with no down time.

I was treated to a lifting laser to help give me a sharper V-shape. Next was the scar laser treatment where doctor administrated the laser at targeted area. Lastly, he did a mild peeling laser on my face to remove dead skin.

Through out the whole treatment, he was assuring me that there's no redness and pain. I felt very assured that I'm definitely in good hands.

After the first treatment, some of my scars lighten by a little. I'm looking forward to more sessions where i can get rid of my scars and have smaller pores.

Worn my comfy outfit from #Fashmob and #TEM for a volunteer work with Bigman on Saturday morning.

After the volunteer work, we headed over to the market for lunch.

Tried this kway chap and it's quite delish. There's a queue and we had to wait for a while. There's another prawn mee stall that has a consistent crazy long queue of at least 15-20pax!!

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

We saw a dessert stall that has photos of celebrities patronizing them. There is a constant flow of people purchasing from them.

The weather was quite hot so we bought a bowl to try and we didn't regret it. I love the taste of the brown sugar that they used for this!

Changed into this #Fashmob skirt and went to collect my gown for my convocation(which is happening next week). Decided to explore the place and saw this beautiful place.

Went to our new house and met our shortlisted ID. Changed into some more casual before we head over. Worn #Lovebonito off shoulder top and matched it with my statement earrings from #ArtelloCo.

#LoveBonito just launched!
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We had tempura Don at a newly open restaurant. This is their signature tempura tendon bowl.

This is the tempura rice set which Is quite different from the signature set.

For this set, the tempura doesn't come with sauce so they gave you tempura sauce, sesame salt and matcha salt.

This is the first time I was served salt with tempura.

Worn this #Ninthcollective dress out on Sunday. Love it so much!!

Worn this dress out for an afternoon visit too!!

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