Happy FriYAY!

Can you see what I'm wearing for today??

After I parted with Bigman for my event, he went to the #Ninthcollective store at Plaza Sing, showed the girl the photo of me in this dress and bought it for me.

Then he waited for the movie event to end and fetched me home and showed me the dress!! He shared with me how the girl was shocked when he went straight to the counter to approach her.

I'm very very thankful for a husband like this. We don't drive and he will usually grab/take public transport to do all these for me.

What's even more touching is that after so many years, he's still offering to wait for me without any complains.


Exactly 11 years ago, we went on our first date and 10 months later, I became his girlfriend.

Exactly 6 years ago, he proposed to me and 10 months later, I became his wife.

And yesterday, it was another significant milestone for our relationship. We collected they keys to our first HOME.

I'm not going to lie and say that our relationship is a bed of roses. We have our DOWNs but we learn to walk and fight thru it together. And I think we have learn to choose our battles to fight.

It's impossible to fight and win everything in life. You can win some, you can lose some and you can let go of some.

I find it amazing that he's so consistent with his love, actions and promises.

He's not someone who's very good with words but his actions showed his love for me. Too many little gestures and surprises and at times, I do feel bad and guilty.

It seems like I can't catch up with his ways and the part which makes me feel guilty is when he says I don't need to do much because it's more than enough for him.

Then again, in a marriage it's never about giving equal or a competition. It's a partnership and I'm glad to have him being the head of this home.

I'm glad to have him in my life.

Moving on to HOME.

After opening the doors and looking at our home, I'm a little lost on what to do next.

We have met 2 IDs/contractors.

Many of our friends whatsapp me after I made the announcement on FB. I felt a little overwhelmed with all the contacts and information that were passed to me.

What do you girls do after collecting your keys?

#dayrehome #dayrereno

I mean apart from opening the door to take a look at the house, what's the next step that people usually take.

We have made our FIRST purchase for #JAHome too!

LG smart tv 43"

Due to some connections, we were offered some tv models to select from.

The prices offered were very good with the discount starting with at least $300 cheaper than market price(think: Gain city, courts etc). We decided to go ahead and made our choice and managed to get this at a very very good price.

Next major purchase that we will be making soon will be air con. Thanks to one of the bestie, we are able to get the air con that we wanted at a very low price too.

I think Bigman has short listed some models and according to him, we should go for 2 compressors because we are installing air con in our living room too.

One of the headache that I have is for our fridge!

I've been searching around for either this, a 2-door fridge.

Or a 2-door 2-drawer fridge.

This looks perfect IMO. I love fridge which has a lot of compartments. Even thou the kitchen will not be my territory in our HOME, I'll love to have our food & beverages organized in a manner like this.

Don't you think it looks perfect and very therapeutic to open your fridge after a hard day at work?

We have been looking around at fridges and those that I love came with a high price tag.

I'm not willing to splurge anything more than $3000 for a fridge. Can you imagine my fridge will be almost the same price as my 4 system air con? Sounds too ridiculous to me and I want to stick to my budget.

Momma has very kindly offered to sponsor us our fridge but I'm still not willing to pay such a high price tag for it.

Anybody has any recommendation for a fridge with 2-door or 2-door 2-drawer that's below $2000?

When it comes to our home, this is something that we can't decide because Bigman wants a front load washing machine so that we can stack the dryer on it but I prefer a top load washing machine.

Any washing machine experts here?

And I can't believe I'm joining this #dayrehomes journey here! Shall go read through it tonight.

#LoveBonito just launched!
@sh3rifoo @felicetsy @sabsoh @huilin__ @whitechoco @sxnoonlush @ruthneedsmoney @sodapopp @lovingmumz @bowiechuah @Allicsirpy @teebeijia @acrxtheuniverse @jerine @cheryllee @linettewhz @saudaded @cherylxong @imalittleteapot @itsmekarenn @darkice88 @Tfortheodora @nefuhs @jclpk @crystalsim @bleusnow @aziqixx

This color looks too good! Crossing my finger that the actual color will be exactly like the stock photo.

I must be CRAZY! Carted out this pair in black. This means that I own all 3 colors.

They are one of the most comfortable pointed shoes I've ever worn!

Went all the way for my favourite Bak Kit Teh with Bigman and twinnie's family.

IMO, they serve the best youtiao in SG for BKT!

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

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