My worst nightmare: Alarm didn't go off!

Bigman didn't set his alarm because we were supposed to wake up at the same time.

Thank God at 8am, I woke up and take a look at my phone and the next time I did was jumped out of bed?

Thank God I have 2 working hours and I'll start work late for today.

I received many DMs on IG about the dresses that I've tried on at #NinthCollective.

I bagged home the other 2 items but not this and a few girls were telling me that this looks good on me.

Should I go back and get this??

I've just checked, the dress will be available online in 2 weeks time.

But I think I'm tempted to go back to the shop and buy this dress after work!!

I'm not heading down to the shop to grab it today because Bigman commented that I've bought 5 new pieces of clothing this week. Can't believe that it's only Tuesday and I'm shopping like mad.

Home cooked dinner by Bigman.

Received one of the most adorable press kit from #DarlieSG.

I'm very surprised that the media kit came with other goodies!!

There's my favourite collagen drink!!

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