Monday blue occurs even if you love your job. It's the waking up that I dislike!

#HollyHoque time!


At first look, you'll think that this Pansy Pleats Back dress looks like a normal shift dress that we all own in our wardrobe.

Here's the fun and surprise element to this dress. It's fully Pleats at the back and the Pleats are done to perfection too.

I love the ruffles and bubble details at the sleeve of this Clea Stripe Dress. If you are a minimalist lover like me, you'll love this.

I'm very tempted to head down to the store or purchase this online. I can see myself wearing this so many times!!

Paired this Saga toga top with this Hans Straight Leg Culottes. HH changes my opinion on white and now I'm a huge lover of white.

If it's the me in the past, I might pair this navy top with a dark bottom but I thought the contrast for this pairing is nice too.

Felt tempted to get this set too because I'm a toga lover. The toga top is slight stretchable and the light and comfortable material makes it perfect for Sunny SG!

This Heidi off shoulder dress looks like a normal LBD when hang on the rack but when I try it on, it's 😍.

I love the sweetheart neckline that is not too low for my liking. The skater bottom makes it very flaring and makes me feel like a princess wearing it.

This dress is very elegant and you can wear it for special occasion or a girls night out.

I forgot to took a photo for this long cardigan that has launched over the weekend.

Wearing the blush version and I love it so much. Regretted not bagging this home and I kept thinking about it.

This cardigan is one of the softest and most comfortable I've ever tried on. I love how it drops and ends at near my knee area.

#Starbucks is releasing their 2018 planner with moleskin today. I'm going to grab a copy for myself. My 2017 calendar planner is from this collaboration too. I'm loving and utilizing it!!

Can't decide which color to get thou. I think that the bright pink looks good but will it be too overwhelming for me to take out during my appointments?

Attended a little mermaid birthday on Saturday and helped out as game master to entertain the kids.

The mermaid cookies are so beautiful.

Worn #Lovebonito Faedyn Tie Back Crop Top with my HollyHoque shorts for the party because I'm supposed to entertain the kids with some games.

Match the outfit with Rattan buttons earrings from #ArtelloCo. It's a simple pair of earring that goes well with the simple outfit.

This little girl was looking for Bigman but he's overseas for work trip so we recorded a video for him. Love my mini Twinnie so much and I pray that in future I'll have a girl as lovable as her.

After the party, I changed out into Roanda Bustier Crop top with #TheEditorsMarket pants for a workshop. Love this top so much and I received compliments at the party and workshop.

#LoveBonito just launched!
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Managed to get my 2018 planner!!

Light denim version.

Dark denim version.

My pink 2018 planner. If they have the option of navy or black, I'll definitely go for them. I don't like the denim version or the light blue version so I'll have to make do with pink.

Closed up prints of the planner.

2018 Starbucks card that comes with the planner.

Pages of 2018 Planner.

I was relieved to see the monthly page in the planner because this is where I organized my "work life" with.

The next page was a surprise because they added in a weekly planner and a page of note.

There isn't a weekly planner in the 2017 version and I'm glad they added this for 2018.

They added blank note pages at the back of the planner.

Pages of 2017 planner.

This is how the 2017 planner looks like.

They have the monthly planner too.

Only difference is that for 2017's, they gave blank pages instead of weekly planner.

For 2017 planner, they put in different coupons for you to use at Starbucks and they no longer do that for 2018's planner.

Went back to my in-law place on my own to spend time with them while Bigman was overseas over the weekend.

Collected my bag from them!!

This is another new #Disney X #Tsumtsum collaboration that Grace Gift has done. I love the beautiful box that came with the bag. I'm going to keep it and put it in my wardrobe.

The wordings on the box. Love the gold printing against the black background!

The bag comes with a dust bag!

My #MinnieMouse bag from their latest collection. I was deciding between the Mickey design and Minnie design but decided to go with Minnie.

There's a Minnie ribbon at the side of the bag. Even Bigman thinks that this bag is very adorable!

Can't wait to bring this bag out.

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