Woke up at 4-5am the past few nights.

Today marks the 4th month in my full time job. I think I'm still transiting into it. I really admire how well my colleagues can multi-task so well. They are very flexible and I love how as a team we adapt to situations very well too. There's so many things to learn from them!

I guess I'm a person that self-stress a lot because of my perfectionist characteristic.

At times, I find myself contradicting myself a lot.

One moment, the perfectionist will take over me and expect myself to be perfect in everything but the next moment, the procrastinator/lazy personality will take over me and expect myself to do nothing.

I guess that's the after effect of taking a year of break from work.

I'm still restarting my engine 😂!

Shopping makes me happy. It's true that money can't buy you happiness but money can buy you clothing which gives me happiness.

I'm considering #Fashmob Madison pants in navy. I love the cutting and how it flows. I'm just worried that it might make me look big at my bottom.

Should I?

I was on #ShopUnveildedLust again looking at Xenia Bag and I saw that they added in these Flamingo sliders. I'm a huge flamingo fans and they look so comfortable.

It's on backorder too because it's sold out :(! I don't have the patience to wait a month for my items to reach me. But I love the Xenia bag and now this flamingo slider.

Should I?

Remember to quote <MANDA10> to enjoy 10% discount store wide.

Did something on my own at work for the first time and its easier than I expected.

Apart from teaching, we have JDs and to be honest, I find them challenging because they are new to me.

I'm glad I adopted the growth mindset that I've been teaching the not so little ones and took the first step myself.

I'm collecting my LB parcel tonight, can't wait to try the items.

#LoveBonito just launched!
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I went back to my Poly today!

It was for personal and work. And I had the chance to meet one of my lecturer for lunch and it was a good catch up. I went back to my secondary school previously and it feels so surreal to be back and teaching my juniors.

And now as an adult, it felt so different when I spoke to my teachers.

Entrance to NYP!

I'm from School Of Information Technology specializing in Banking and Finance. At times I find it hard to believe that I'm an IT student even thou my course is a hybrid.

Received a surprise parcel by #PazzionOfficial!

Beautifully packed with their Fall/Winter 2017 catalog!

I love this pair of silver shoes that they have sent over. Can't wait to wear this out soon and test the comfort level.

Bigman helped me to collect my #Lovebonito parcel and I love all the items that I've gotten.

I love this Syarah Layered Off Shoulder Dress in navy a lot. I love the length of this dress and how it stops at my knee instead of going higher. The dress is very flowy and twirl-able.

I took M and it's just nice at bust area and loose at waist area but I'm alright with it even thou I'll prefer it to be tighter.

This Roanda Bustier Crop Top looks exactly like how I imagined it to be. I really love this Lylas series. Everything looks so good.

This Faedyn Tie Back Crop Top looks so gorgeous too. The material is very comfortable and soft. I have a short body so it doesn't appear crop on me. Thankful that it's not overly crop!

The ribbon for the back is quite short so I think I'll need someone to help me tie the ribbon!

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