Good morning Dayre!

The hot topic for today will be on iPhone X and iPhone 8. I went to work together with Bigman this morning and the whole journey he's been showing me information and images on them.

We have 3 telco lines that are up for renewal in October and this means that we can get a new iPhone each.

And the question to ask: WHICH to get?

This is the 10th anniversary for iPhone and they launched iPhone X(x represents 10th in the Roman numerals) to celebrate this special year. Can't believe it has been 10 years since the launch of iPhone.

When I first saw iPhone X, the first thing that came to my mind was "What happen to my favourite HOME button"! And for some reason, this design resembles Android design. Am I the only one who thinks this way?

The screen is fully glass with stainless steel and I guess it'll take some time to get used to this design.

As for BUTTONS, many function such as activating SIRI, power etc will have to rely on the side buttons. I guess it'll take some time for people to get use to this new routine of using the iPhone.

I'm not sure if I'm able to get used to it because I'm someone who don't like change. That explains why I've been an iPhone user for the past 10years because I'm lazy to learn how to use an android phone!

Prices are at a steep high of USD999 for a 64GB and it'll be released for pre-order on 27th October.

Let's welcome iPhone 8 too! I'm glad that Apple is moving to wireless charging. And thank God they kept the HOME button!

iPhone 8 will be a full glass screen and it comes in 3 colors: Silver, Grey & Gold.

I guess it's very similar to iPhone 7 except that the functions are upgraded. For camera wise, iPhone 8 will definitely be better because they added 2 new sensors!

Prices are going at a more affordable USD699 for iPhone 8 and USD799 for iPhone 8 plus and it'll be available from 22nd Sep.

Should I upgrade my iPhone 7 to an iPhone 8/8plus?

I'm thinking of upgrading because of the following reason:

1. The new iPhone8 plus has a full glass backing and the reason for this is to enable wireless charging. I would love the convenient wireless charging because I tend to spoil cables easily and it's very troublesome to bring cables around. But with the wireless charging, does this means that I'll have to get 2 or 3 charging ports to enable me to charge my phone at home, office and even when I'm out?

2. A newer version of the phone means a better camera. I've seen girls who went to events with their iPhone 7plus and the photo quality is good. I would love to have the depth effect(or bokeh) effect in my phone too and if there's any pushing reason for me, it'll be for the better camera quality. If I'm currently holding on to an iphone 7plus, I might not want to change my phone.

3. My iphone7 is 9 months old and the battery life is a little messy. So I'm thinking if I should get the new phone. If I'm not wrong, the battery life of the new iPhone will be 2 hours longer than iphone7?

After a day of consideration, I will be getting an iPhone8plus. Then the next question, do I want to stay with Starhub??

Worn this #Lovebonito top out today. The wayang sleeve can only be worn when I don't need to meet anybody except for my colleagues.

Back at my favourite udon place for Metaiyko Udon!

Went to my favourite Maru-Ten for my favourite Mentaiko Udon. It's a dry Udon with mentaiko sauce!

How the Udon looks like after you mixed the sauce.

#dayrefatties #dayrefoodie

Remember this bag that I posted from #Unveiledlust? I spent too long thinking about it now it's OOS and I'll have to join backorder for it.

I'm looking at this Zoey striped dress which cost $29.90 only! Looks like the perfect dress for a casual weekend with the off shoulder and puffy sleeves.

This Casey color block dress looks great too. A prefect shift dress for work or even weekends. It's price at $29.90 too. Very pocket friendly too.

This hanisah checkered set reminded me of a similar design that I saw in Zara. This is in my favorite checkered and I'm so tempted to get this set because there's so many ways to wear it. I can either wear them together as a set or as separate pieces(as a top or skirt).

This is paired at $29.90 too! Very reasonable given that you are getting a top and skirt.

There's many other good buys over at http://unveiledlust.com/index.php?route=common/home. Most of the items are price at a pocket friendly price instead of a higher price for an online shop. Many of their items are trending items that are versatile and classic.

Remember to quote <MANDA10> when you shop with them to enjoy 10% off storewide.

Code will be valid till 20th September so start shopping now and don't wait.

P.S: Should I join the backorder for Xenia bag????

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