Sudio Sweden

This is my second time working with Sudio Sweden and I’m loving them more than before. I’m still using the wireless headset that they have sent to me previously and I do get enquiries from people around me about it. 

This time round, we are working on something new and I’m excited to be one of the first few to try this new REGENT – BLACK headphone. 

I fell in love with this simple yet chicly designed head phone when I unboxed it for the first time. The coolest part of the design has to be the interchangeable headphone cap. It allows you to change the cap to match your outfit and mood of the day. 

Apart from being chic and stylish, the Regent provides world class sound quality too with its noise clarity. I tried it on a few times and I love how it isolates me and my world of music from the noisy world around me. 

If you are looking for headphones that are chic and yet provides a world class sound quality, look no further and check out The Regent

Product image from Sudio Sweden website. 

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