We are down to a single digit countdown for keys collection and I felt that I'm not ready for it yet.

I have met 2 IDs so far and received the quotation from them. Bigman wants to meet a few more before we finalized the top 3 and meet them again for a further discussion.

I think that my husband is more meticulous and mindful about stuff like renovation and even our wedding than I do. If it's my decision, by the time I meet the second or third person, I'll just confirm them. I appreciate how he always put in 101% effort in things like this as compared to his wife who works on a mood basis.

I'm excited to share this journey and I know life will change once I got my keys next week. It has been a comfortable many many years at my mom's place.

And my friends/colleagues are laughing at how I'm shifting within the same estate but from a super convenient(beside mrt/market/malls) to an ulu part of that same estate.

But I'm excited to be building up our home with Bigman.

Updates for #JAhome!

Our kind friend drove us to #ikea, gave us some knowledge on furnitures and stuff before driving us home. I'm thankful for friends who lend a helping hand in this journey!

My #ikea visit will not be complete without these chicken wings and meatball. I was a little disappointed when all the food was served cold and not warm. But still, we had great fellowship over food with the 2 men sharing some Ghost stories to scare the 2 wives.

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

I wanted to customize my bed frame to accommodate all my soft toys. But this simple and minimalist wooden bed frame captured my heart. I forgot to take photo of the nails, they are in the nicest shade of rose gold.

If I recall correctly, this bed frame cost SGD495? Not too expensive for a bed frame and it fits into my budget too.


I love this concept of having a stand rack above the toilet bowl. We can fully utilize the space and put some potted plants too.

My only concern for this is that will the wood be able to withstand the moist in the bathroom?

I love the idea of this bathroom vanity too. Fits the theme of my house very much!

This chair is so comfortable that we are getting it either for our master bedroom or living room.

Ended the IKEA trip with an ice cream!

Attended @TheStageWalk opening and nice meeting @jamie1612 there!

We happened to be wearing the same outfit too!

Took a photo with the gorgeous balloon too. Remember to drop by TSW's first outlet at Junction 8 level 2.

I'm wearing Chelsea Strappy Jumpsuit in Black from The Stage Walk. I love how versatile and chic this jumpsuit is. It's suitable for both work and weekends.

#LoveBonito just launched!
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Been a while since I carted from LB!

This looks like a perfect work top.

I love the look of this and I don't remember owning a lot of lilac color. Let's hope that I'll look good in this color.

Carted this to wear for a wedding next month!!

#VisualLoft sent over a pair of #Rayban Shades. I've been wanting to get a proper pair of shades for the longest and this came in time.

I'm spoilt for choice because https://www.visualloft.sg carries so many designs.

I've shortlisted a lot of designs before choosing this pair.

I love the clean and one color look of this pair. The thin metallic black details make it look very classy and this will be a pair of shades that will never go out of trend.

More than that, a proper pair of shades protects our eyes from harmful UV ray and I felt this is necessary especially in Hot Singapore or when we travel overseas.

Visual loft carries many other designs and if you shop with them in the month of September, quote <AMANDAK25> to enjoy $25 off with minimum spend of $100. In addition to that, if you make any purchase, you'll join in the lucky draw where 6 lucky winners will get to win a pair of RayBan each.

Wearing the shades out over the weekends and it matches all my outfit!

How it looks like with #Hollyhoque dress.

Closed up of the shades where you can see Bigman in my lens!!

Worn #Fashmob floral top on Sunday and carried my favourite flamingo bag.

Received this from #Canmake previously and I can't wait to try the highlighters.

#dayremakeup #dayrebeauty

Waiting anxiously for my consultation and treatment. Can't wait to share with you girls what I'm trying out today.

I'm crossing my finger and praying that it'll be painless as what I've read!

The procedure is very fast and the pain is very acceptable for someone who has a super low pain threshold.

I went for my first Laser Hair removal treatment and I survived it.


It might sound a little exaggerating but let me give you a little background story.

I signed up for an IPL package 3years back and it was a nightmare. During the signing up process, I kept asking the person if someone with very sensitive skin and eczema is able to do IPL. The person said yes and assured me that everything will be fine. This package is signed up with a very reputable company that specializes and advertises a lot on IPL.

Fast forward to the day for our first IPL treatment.

To be honest, I was a little fearful, worried but excited at the same time. I'm glad that after many years of procrastination, I'm finally taking the first move to try out IPL.

I was told to change then a consultant came and "checked" me. They told me briefly what will be done and all before they made me lie down on the bed. They tried to assure me that it's painless and I trusted them.

And they did their first IPL shoot on my leg.

I had the shock of my life because it felt so pain and when I checked out the spot, it was super red and bruising.

I think the lady administrating the treatment had a shock too and she told me she has never seen this before. I immediately requested for a stop and changed out. I took photos of my bruise and sent it to Bigman. He asked me to ask for a refund and don't carry on with it anymore.

I paid quite a bit for the package since it's a reputable company but I guess, it didn't work out. The manager didn't allowed a refund at the initial stage but after some talk with her, she decided to refund me fully.

Let me clarify that NOT every IPL hurts or ended up like mine.

I have friends who have done and felt satisfied with the result. I'm just unfortunate to suffer so much from just a shoot.

Since then, Bigman don't really let me try any of such laser treatment anymore because it took 2 weeks for the bruises to calm down and recover.

So when I was approached by this clinic to try out this latest technology in Laser Hair Removal treatment, I hesitated and did a lot of research. The first experience was too horrifying but after much thoughts and consideration, I decided to give it a try.

I'm sponsored by them but all opinions are mine.

I did my treatment at The Chelsea Clinic. They have 2 branches, 1 at Rochester Mall and the other is at Wheelock Place.

The one that I went is located at Rochester Mall #03-21. It's a 7 minutes walk from Buona Vista mrt.

They have a very spacious waiting area in the clinic.

There's a play area to entertain the little ones while they wait with momma. Very thoughtful of the clinic to set up this play area.

For every first timer, you'll need to fill up a form for them to understand your health condition and any past medical history.

I think it's very important for clinics to understand their clients before administrating any treatments to them.

This is Dr Charlotte Yung who did the consultation and treatment with me.

She's very patient with me and explained all the details to me. It felt very assuring after speaking to her.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment made use of this machine, Nd YAG laser which made use of long pulse to send light laser to the underneath of the skin. This light will either destroy or damage the hair follicle which is responsible for reproducing our hair. The best result for the treatment will be for the hair follicle to be damaged so that it's gone for good and no hair will be produced.

I asked the important question that is in my mind:
Will hair grows back with the changes in hormones during pregnancy?

Dr Yung explained that when hair follicle is destroyed, it's gone forever. However, during pregnancy, some "sleeping hair" that's hiding underneath the skin surface might be awaken and grow. But in this case, if the laser Hair Removal Treatment is successful, there should not be too much of a significant growth in the hair after pregnancy.

I was brought into this smaller room for me to change out of my clothing after Dr Yung has finished answering all my enquiries.

They provide a lot of items for you while waiting here or preparing for any treatment!

Put on the numbing cream at my underarm and waiting for it to take effect. According to Dr Yung, they don't usually use numbing cream for underarm because the procedure is very quick.

But if you have a very low tolerance of pain like me, you can request for them to put on numbing cream for you too.

After 15 minutes, I was brought into this room where the treatment will be administrated on me!

Dr Yung explaining to me what will be happening next while the nurse helped to clean off the numbing cream.

The treatment took about 2 minutes to complete for both side. They made use of a cold air blowing machine to calm down your skin while Dr Yung uses the device to administrate the laser.

To be honest, I do feel some pain but the pain was tolerable for someone with low pain threshold like me.

There was some slight redness and uncomfortable feeling but it went off after a while.

It has been 3 hours since the treatment. The redness has went down and I don't feel any pain or uneasiness at all.

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