Hello Dayre,

I can't believe the long weekend is over! Can it be Sunday again when I wake up?

Collected my TB parcel on Saturday!

Name: 1988女装韩版圆领小格子喇叭袖连衣裙女九分袖宽松显瘦短裙蛋糕裙

URL: https://m.ezbuy.sg/product/https%3A%2F%2Fitem.taobao.com%2Fitem.htm%3Fid%3D546791565960%26ut%3D?src=Background

#ezbuy #EzbuySG #TaoBao

Went for my hair spa at Le Hair Spa and worn this outfit out and I love it a lot.

Friday was an outing day at Garden by the Bay with the cell group. I didn't know they have a sheltered space with water play for children.

Whole outfit from #LoveBonito!

Today in LB's Elsha Camisole. Tops is lined and the cutting is not too low or revealing for me to wear to work. It's light and comfortable which makes it perfect for a hot day. I'm thinking if I should cart this in other colors too. This is definitely a fuss-free and easy to match top for work or even casual weekend.

It's Monday again and I'm feeling so tired. I told Bigman this morning that I miss the year break that I took from last year till May.

Don't get me wrong, i love my meaningful job a lot but I'm feeling the physical tiredness. I miss the days when I just slack and do nothing even thou I find days like that boring!!

I think I'm getting lazier and lazier!


After the outing, we head over to Twinnie's house to chill and catch-up with her before the long awaited dinner at New Ubin Seafood.

After the outing, we head over to Twinnie's house to chill and catch-up with her before the long awaited dinner at New Ubin Seafood.

Loving my statement earring that I got from #Lovisa!

This mini Twinnie is so adorable too.

We pre-ordered their signature oyster and it was a huge disappointment. The oyster is fresh but not as sweet as I expected it to be. I think it's expensive at the price of SGD4 per piece.

I wasn't expecting the Foie Gras satay stick to be thick, juicy and delicious. SGD6 per stick is very reasonable for 3 pieces on each stick!

The fried baby squid tasted so-so. The husbands were making fun that it looks like some insects and after they said that, I don't dare to eat it anymore!

The highlight for the dinner, US Black Angus Ribeye Steak. This is the hubs first time there and we are glad that they love it as much as we do.

I love how they cooked the beef to perfection without overcooking them. I love the combination of their beef, salt and mustard!

We ordered this mussels cooked in white wine. The mussels are fresh but I don't fancy the white wine sauce. I think they added in some other condiments which makes the sauce a little too sour for my liking.

After dinner, we went to Jurong for some shopping. Dropped by #TheClosetLover just to try this "You Matter" top.

I'm wearing XS here and it fits me well. Top is not sheer at all and I love the thick and comfortable material of this top. Bagged this home on the spot!


I've been wanting to try this dress on so I'm quite happy that there is size S in store. I can't say no to babydoll especially when it's in denim. Material is very soft and not the stiff kind of denim. There is no new piece for size S so I carted this from online instead.

Tried this dress and I don't think I can carry such prints!! This dress is lined and I love the pleated hem.

After getting the top on Friday, I worn it out on Saturday and I love how comfortable it is.

Giveaway time!!

Giving away this SudioSweden ear phone(worth USD229) on my IG. I have to say the sound quality for this is very good and you can change the cap of the earphone too.

Worn this dress from shopunveiledlust too. They have a wide range of clothing so do check them out at http://unveiledlust.com/.

Remember to quote <Manda10> for a 10% off.

I'm lusting after these from their website:

Xenia bag which is trending!

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