Good morning Dayre!!

I'm ready for our short Melaka trip.

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In #Fashmob tee and #Lovebonito shorts with my new #Flamingo bag from #Taobao.


Finally passed the custom. Thank God the jam wasn't too bad.

Got this to try because Bigman said it's nice but I felt like it's like our samba bun that a lot of bakery shops are selling.

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

Too busy eating and having fun here! I think I've eaten at least 7-8 meals here.

Heng Huat Coffeeshop

Address: 127 Jalan Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka

I love the taste of this wanton mee. The texture of the noodle is just nice and not too nua. The wanton tasted good too with a lot of meat in it. Can't believe that this plate cost RM4 only!

Came upon this shop near the kopitiam which sells fried smelly tofu and fried big squid.

Fried smelly tofu which tasted so-so. I find the chilli sauce too diluted for my liking. I guess nothing can be compared to those that I had in HK!

We polished off this plate of fried squid because it's so delicious and crispy. To be honest, I felt that this tasted better than those that I had in Taiwan!

Saw a few shops selling fruits lassi ice cream so we bought some to try. I had the watermelon lassi which I felt that the taste was too artificial for my liking. But it feels shiok to be having something cold under the hot weather.

Went to Mamee museum along Jonker Street. It seems like Mamee is very popular in Melaka because their posters are everywhere.

Welcome to Mamee factory.

The Mamee statue.

Saw many interesting stuff along Jonker Street.

Next stop for food: East & Western Rendezvous

Address: 60 Lorong Hang Jebat

I find their chendol too sweet for my liking. The Gula Melaka taste is very strong and doesn't taste too artificial but I still find it too sweet for me.

Their Nonya bazhang tasted very nice. The glutinous rice is very tasty and doesn't make me too bloated. They are very generous with their meat fillings too.

Oneh Oneh store

Bigman brought us to this Oneh Oneh store that's in Jonker Street. This small store is a hidden gem!

It's being man by an old couple and they cooked the Oneh Oneh on the spot for you!

He's taking the Oneh Oneh out from the hot boiling water!

Preparing the Oneh Oneh with coconut!

And this is the best Oneh Oneh I've ever tasted. There is a small block of brown sugar and when you bite and burst the Oneh Oneh in your mouth, you can taste the sweetness!

Jonker Night street

The night market was setup at about 6pm and road will be closed for it.

The shops around the street will pull out their make-shift tables and set up their store along the road. We had to walk through it to retrieve our car.

While we stroll through the street, we couldn't resist getting some snacks and drinks. Bigman bought this fried popiah to try but it's too oily for our liking. They have an original popiah version which tasted nicer than the fried version.

The colorful dim sum but we were feeling too full to give it a try.

Restoran Nyonya Makko

Address: 123 Jalan Merdeka, Taman Melaka Raya

This nyonya restaurant is a must-visit for Bigman when he is in Melaka. We are here during our first visit and I fell in love with the authentic Peranakan cuisine too.

This ngo giant don't look appealing but tasted so delicious. They are very generous with their filling and when you bite your first mouth, the flavour of the meat will ooze out and you'll find it very flavourful without finding it being oily.

This is the brother of ladies fingers! I love the chilli that they used to fry this with. Makes it very crunchy and not overly oily or spicy.

We ordered Assam Fish slice and Ayam Buah Keluak too.

Buah Keluak is an exotic dish and I guess my friends don't really like it but I enjoyed it a lot. I guess the 1/4 Peranakan blood in stays strong.

The Assam fish slice tasted very good, the sauce is very nice and the fish is very fresh too!!

5 dishes with 9 drinks ordered cost us RM109 only!! There's no where you can find cheap, delicious and authentic Peranakan dishes.

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