What I've been telling myself.

I've been wanting to update about our house, about work, about the things that the not-so-little ones said, about life and about so many things but I'm so busy at work and in my personal life.

Anyway, any Malacca expert out there?

I've visited the place once with Bigman 2 years ago. We are driving in for a short trip this weekend but I have no time to do proper research.

I'll be collecting this from #Ezbuy later and I can't wait to see it. Hopefully it'll be good quality enough for me to bring to Malacca this weekend.


On house!

Due to the application for additional housing grant, we are unable to get the keys in 2 months time. It'll take about 2 months before we know the result for AHG and it'll take another 1-2 months before they can process our house and pass us our key.

Should have skipped the application for additional housing grant because we are either not entitled to it or it'll be a small sum. When we want to sell the house in future, we have to return it.

#LoveBonito just launched!
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Lunch at old airport road market with this famous char kway teow!

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

I ordered from #Fashmob and opted for express delivery because I want these clothing for my upcoming trip.

Made the order yesterday but till now, there was no email of dispatch. Will they dispatch it by tmr and will I be able to collect from Ninja Collection point by Thursday or Friday?

I ordered on Tuesday and since I opted for express delivery, I'm looking to receive them latest by Thursday right?

What I carted for my trip!

I remembered Malacca as a town that's very vintage and I guess it's almost the same as Penang? Wanted something more comfortable since I'll my god-son with us. Decided to cart out this 1980 tee because it looks very comfortable and fits the theme of the streets!

Gotten this for work! I'm hoping that it'll be comfortable and lightweight for me to survive in class.

Carted this old design too! I think it'll look good with my flamingo bag in Malacca.

Bigman is going to faint again at the amount of items that I'm getting for this super short trip!

I've been shopping TaoBao too and these are what I carted.

Carted this out! Let's hope I'll be able to wear it as a skirt.

Bigman rushed back from work to buy me dinner before heading out to collect my bag! At times when I feel disappointed or get upset in life, when I think about this man, it'll makes me feel better immediately.

We have our fair share of arguments and disappointments but the thought of how we belong to each other and will always be there for each other makes everything more bearable.

My #Flamingo bag gotten a little out of shape because it was squeezed into a small square box. I can understand why it costed me so much for the shipping because the bag feels solid and has some weight by itself.

The workmanship is very good too and even Bigman was impressed with the quality.

I love the drawstring for this bag. Makes it look holiday ready. After I pull and tighten the drawstring, I don't need to worry about losing anything.

Love this spacious drawstring bag, can't wait to bring it out this weekend!!

My #Eeyore kingdom!!

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