Hello Dayre!

It's the unwanted Monday again. Last week was a very busy week for me and I'm feeling the spillover effect of tiredness.

I'm looking forward to this weekend because we are off to a short trip with friends.

I've been trying to master hover-board and I guess 2 sessions of it with different group of students increases my confidence in it.

While I'm teaching the not-so-little ones about taking the risk to learn new things, adopt a growth mindset and to conquer fears, I'm learning all these once again too.

To be honest, I can't even ride a bicycle so learning this hover-board requires a great amount of faith for me.

I don't like to take flat lay.

I love simplicity and minimalist so I think my flat lay is very plain as compared to the pros out there.

Yesterday, the lighting in my kitchen was very good and I decided to play around with my earrings from #Artello. Bigman helped a lot and I guess we had fun together!

Made used of dried rose petals for this. When he opened up the box of dried rose, the whole kitchen was filled with the smell of rose. I'm thinking of leaving the box open in our room but he's afraid that I might be sensitive to it if it's there for long!

Anyway, this pair of earring is one of my favourite. White statement earrings always stands out with black hair.

This is one of my favourite pair from their collection and I did a giveaway previously with it. Hung it on dried baby breathe and I love how it looks here. This pair of earring goes well with dark outfit and I love how it's suitable for work on days when there's no teaching.

I'm biased because anything Tassel to me is beautiful. This simple yet chic pair of earring is my go-to when I don't know what to wear with my simple outfit.

And this delicate pair, everything is prefect about it. I love to pair this with my long dresses and it seems to go well with any color.

Went out and took some #OOTD too!!

My vintage Cookie Monster #Zara top with my #Hollyhoque shorts.

We had some free time on Saturday so I went back to my childhood place to take some photos. Miss Tanjong Pagar so much!

Love this shirt dress from Zara too but it's a little too short on me.

My favourite item from Zara.

One more photo of this off shoulder dress!!

Brought this little girl out and we had so much fun together. Love the time spent with Twinnie and I love how we catch up over food and fun.

Attended the launch of Le Spa Hair in my favourite dress!

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