Good morning Dayre.

It's finally mid-week.

There's work on Saturday morning and this translate to "no-chance-for-sleep-in" for the whole week. Which means I'm physically tire and deprive of sleep…

Took some OOTDs over the weekend.

Loving this gingham dress from #Taobao. Worn a tube inside because it's too low cut to be worn out on its own. Feels very comfortable and I received a compliment.

Worn this off shoulder top too. The quality is really good and the off shoulder part did not ride up at all after wearing it for the whole afternoon.

Worn this #LoveBonito dress out too. I don't usually wear red but this dress, it's so pretty. I'm keeping this in my wardrobe because it's a classic little red dress.

Went shopping in #Zara too. I've spotted this dress in the 313 outlets but the SA can't find the last unit of XS & S. After my event, Bigman went with me to Ion to look for it. I was a little hesitant to pay $69.90 for this cotton off shoulder dress.

I bought this Cookie Monster tee too. Couldn't resist this attitude Cookie Monster here. The fitting room queue at Ion was very long so I decided to just grab and go.

I got a longer version of this shirt dress too because Bigman likes the dress a lot.

#LoveBonito just launched!
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Tried the newly launched Matcha green tea churro($3.80) and the matcha green tea ice cream cup($5.80) at #Churro101. Out of all the churros that I've tried, Churro101 is the best as compared to the rest. I love their dark chocolate ones too.

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

Attended Singapore Fashion Runway on Saturday too.

It's a special fashion event that supports Fashion for a Cause and it touches me to see people with special needs, disability or even chronic illness to chase after their dreams in performing art and fashion.

I teared a little when this mom pushes her little girl with cerebral palsy. She's so proud of her little daughter and she's teaching her her rights to chase after her own dreams despite it all.

This gorgeous lady here is a cancer survivor who lives to tell her story of faith, hope and strength.

I love how they make performing arts and fashion something inclusive for this group of people. I hope in time to come, SG will be an authentic inclusive society.

Attended the Media preview of Singapore Night Festival. This year, they are celebrating their 10th anniversary and I'm glad to be invited for the preview.

I've been a fan of Singapore Night Festival for the past few years. They always surprises me with their opening and the one that impressed me the most was the Harley Davidson bikes doing the opening. Totally blew many of us away with the 60 of them.

First stop was at Main ground where the exhibit of 3M and SUTD students are displayed. These are made using 3M products and with addition of lights, these became a beautiful artwork.

I love the contrast between the exterior and interior of this art work. There are gaps for people to look out and reflect upon the past 10years of SNF.


We were ushered to National Design Center to begin our media tour official.

There are a total of 2 displays in the NDC. The first is an interactive sensor display inspired by Swan Lake. There are lights and sensor on the floor and as you move along or interact with it, there will be changes in it and it'll be reflected on the huge screen. I had a fun time there playing around with it.

One of the interactive part is this "water" that will follow your motion and it'll be displayed on the screen as you lead the water along.

This is how the interactive display looks like. They will have a big lighted up circle on the floor and when you step on it, you'll appear on the screen. And that's me and Bigman playing around with it.

Another of the installation.

The next installation at National Design Center is Phosphene.

When you blinked very hard or get some minor hit on the head, we tend to see "Stars" in our vision and they try to capture this Phosphene with this installation.

The lights will change color and I love staying there to watch the light change color.

Full green!

I'm so busy at work that I'm taking 2 days to finish a post!!

After National Design Center, the next installation is this Light up the BEAT at Waterloo street.

The lights will dance to the beat that is being played at the background. This installation will make you want to dance with it.

From Waterloo street, we proceeded over to Singapore Art Museum where the next installation, Standing Man, is at.

In the month of August, the team went to Bras Basah complex to record down conversations that took place there. When you speak to the man, a random conversation will be played.

As usual, every year for SG Night Festival, there will be a highlight video being played on the exterior of the Singapore National Museum.

Beside the Singapore National Museum, there is a huge Banyan tree with the installation of The Blinking Face.

The face of the artist will be displayed on the tree and as the wind blows, you will get to see that the eyes actually blink. This is an eye trick which I find very interesting.

Another installation that I love is by #Aesop.

They have this installation where they put Aesop oil into the water and made use of the heat from lightbulb to create the therapeutic smell that fills up the whole room.

This installation looks very very beautiful and coupled with the nice smell, it makes it hard to leave the place.

Up at Fort canning hill, there is another installation of a mini dome where they have this mirror panels all over. Took a wefie with Bigman to end our night there.

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