Happy 52nd birthday to Singapore.

As much as I love traveling, HOME is still the best.

I love weekends and public holiday too, its day like this that I get to enjoy my morning to myself and spend the rest of my day with Bigman and our loved ones.

If you have been following me on my IG, you'll know that I've been shopping non stop.

From ASOS!!

I love this off shoulder floral top. It's made from polyester which is thin, lightweight and comfortable.

I took UK8 but it's slightly loose for me at the PTP. I love the uneven frill trims too. I love the ribbon details at the shoulder more than expected. It'll be my favourite top for quite a while!!


A little disappointed in this top. UK8 seems to be too loose for me, I think I'll need to wear a tube if I want to wear this out. The woven cotton material is very lightweight but it's a little stiff.

Highlight of this order has to be this gingham dress. Dress is lined so it's not sheer at all. Material is polyester which feels very comfortable. I love how they made the neckline not too low. This dress came with a good quality thin belt too.


I own this #Lovebonito top in black and I've already won it a few times. The cutting fits perfectly and I love the details of the sleeve so I carted it in white too. This top is lined and it's not sheer at all when I wear nude undergarment.

Another one that I've gotten from them for work. So comfortable but I think it can be worn only on rainy days if not it'll be too hot for class.


This pair of Emery Lasercut earring is a real beauty. This is my favourite so far and there's nothing not to love about it.

The lasercut part is done delicately and it's made from good quality too. The finishing is very good. The Tassel is very beautiful and flowy too, if you love Tassel, you'll love this. This is a pair that will never go wrong and fits every outfit.

This pair of Penelope Tassel earring is very beautiful too. I love the details on this pair and I've seen something similar in Lovisa for almost double the price.

Mackenzie earring is love too!! The Tassel is very well-attached to the earring. Out of curiosity, I pulled the Tassel and try to see if anything drops but thank God, non of the Tassel drop.

I have not been to #Hollyhoque for a while and they have so many pretty new pieces!!


First up was this Dallas babydoll blouse with a v-neck.

The slight peplum hides stomach fats and I love how it makes me look slimmer. The functional buttons are nice too and I guess that's one of the main reason why I love this top. The design for HH's version is that it's not too low for work too! This top is so comfortable and definitely suitable for SG's weather!

Next up is this Vita Tiered cropped top. I love the tier of this top which makes it look so adorable. The slightly structured material makes the ribbon looks nice too. I would like my ribbon to be showing up nicely!

Close up of the ribbon which "stands" and I think this is the unique part of this top. Had a hard time deciding if I should bring this home with me.

This looks like a normal black shift dress but when I tried it on, it looks very flattering. The material for this Molly Fringe dress is not the thin & flimsy, it's slightly structured.

Look at the adorable fringe details at the sleeve and the hem of the dress, it really spices up this dress a lot.

This olive dress caught my eyes when I walked into the shop. Some Olive colors can be a little off but this is done in the perfect shade of olive. I'm not sure if it's due to the material but I love the feel and touch of this dress a lot. I guess dropped waist dress will never go wrong especially if it's not overly short on me.

Can I say that this Chevron picnic dress is my favourite but they do not have S size available in this color in store. I'm so upset by it 😭.

Anyway, this dress is lined so it's not sheer. I love the slight puffiness and babydoll design of this dress. This is the perfect lazy dress for the weekends and I can see many mileage for this dress.

And yes, I love this dress a lot and I won't mind paying for it. Anybody selling BNWT S?

I love this combination of gingham and embroidery. I think they are one of the few brands that carry clothing that has such good quality of embroidery.

This dress is a little low cut and you'll have to use the string to tie up the front part. If you are going for an occasion or wants to be sexy but not over revealing, this will be the dress for you. It shows a little of your cleavage but not too much to make you feel uncomfortable. The tassel is nice too, I love small details like this which makes the outfit nicer!

Totally feels like a Belle in this Ottoline Resort maxi dress.

This is a beautiful dress that takes you from casual weekends to a wedding dinner. Neckline is not too low and the ruffles on the dress makes it flows beautifully too. There's white and navy available too but mustard won my heart.

Another dress that captured my heart. I love this off shoulder long-short dress. The material is very soft and makes dresses like this very wearable in SG's hot weather. I love the high low cutting too, adds some sexiness to it. The buttons are fully functional as well.

The off shoulder part does not ride up and due to the soft material, it helps to make your arms look slimmer but not overly hugging it.

Bigman queued an hour for this big bowl of crystal crayfish soup with kway teow. This cost us $11 which I felt was worth the price given the generous portion of the ingredients. Apart from crayfish, they give us a few slice of fresh fish and handmade meatball with fresh mushroom.

The flavour from the soup wasn't very thick at the initial part but after drinking for a while, I find it to be more flavourful.

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

On the way to our friend's place for dinner and spend time with them!!

Took some #OOTD today too.

Paired my ASOS top with #TheEditorsMarket pants with my #LoveBonito heels.

Worn this maxi dress out too.

I told Bigman this dress made me felt like a princess with the flowy long hem at the back. There is a slight drawstring portion at the waist which you can tie it according to your preference. I prefer to tie it tight to create a waistline and slimmer me.

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