My Facebook and Instagram feed seems to be flooded with people announcing their pregnancy.

The amazing part is that I have 2 best friends who are pregnant with their second child now. They did ask me to bake the bun in the oven together but I felt I'm not ready yet.

And no I'm not pregnant or intending to get pregnant for the next 1 year.

Our first house is coming and I guess we are great procrastinator when it comes to house. I've yet to find any ID yet even thou I've been collecting contacts from friends.

The thoughts of having to do up a home can be exciting but at the same time dragging for me.

I've just started my new job which is a dream come true for me, I don't want to end this dream so soon with a baby.

Can I add that it's very annoying when people come to me and said things like:

Wow, don't you want to get pregnant together with xx?

Hey, you are 30 this year le, so when are you going to have kids? Don't wait till too old, you'll not have the energy to run after them anymore.

I thought you love kids, how come you are not trying for one?

I've said this many times but can I repeat this again:

It's annoying to be holding a conversation like above especially with people whom you are not closed with.

Can I say that as much as we love to play and take care of children, it's different when it comes to our own?

I do want to have my own kids in the near future but it's just not NOW.

For people who argued and said you'll never be ready to be parents, I do agree with you. At least, let us be ready with a house and perhaps a car? Or at least let me enjoy my (stressful) dream job for a while?

There will be moments when I'll think about how it'll be when I become a mom. I've even think of the name that I wanted for my girl and boy.

Can I add on that the "male genes" in my family is insane?

ALL my cousins have given birth to BOYs and we don't have a single GIRL at all.

For your information, it's 12 boys and 0 girl for now.

It doesn't help that for Bigman's family, there's only boys for now too.

Nothing wrong with boys, I love my A and Z very very much and they remain as gugu's favourite kids till now. Especially when I watched A grew from a new-born to being 8 years old now.

BUT it'll be nice to have a girl right? Imagine a mini me to go shopping and discuss about fashion or makeup with when she's older? I hope if I ever have a girl, I will become one of her best friend. I guess it's every momma's dream to be the best friend of their child!!

I'm looking forward to the day in the near(but not so near) future when I have little beings whom I can call them mine. Waking up to their tiny face, watching them grow and grow with them as well.

As much as there's toughness, difficulties or even moments when I'll ask myself why am I doing all these, I hope to have as much fun, joy and laughter as they grow up.

The most amazing thing in life is to give life.

Giveaway happening on my IG now!!

Out to meet a friend! Love how the earring spice up my outfit.

Bigman left for a work trip today and will be back on Monday.

He tends to travel for work and has been away for 4.5 months but I will still miss him when he's away.

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