Disappointments are part and parcel of life.

That's what I always tell my students in a motivational class.

I don't want to lie to them that life is a bed of roses without disappointments or failures. In fact, the harder you work, you tend to have a higher expectation of the results or achievements. And with that higher expectation comes a greater disappointment.

I wish I have the formula in life to cope with disappointments but sadly, even Ms Amanda struggles with disappointments from time to time.

But I always share with them my belief.

No matter how many times you tried and you failed, fall into disappointment and be upset for a while, the greatest key to success is never to give up.

If you keep trying, you'll succeed and eventually reach that goal. But if you don't, perhaps you have to relook at your strength and goal again.

Walt Disney,
Elon Musk,
Steve Job,
The Rock,
And many other names that we know.

Their success stories are captivating and left an impression in this world because it spells HOPE to those of us who have tried, failed and got into disappointment.

I'm not sure which is worse, disappointment in relationship, goals or achievements.

I guess it varies from people to people.

If you are a people's person, you'll find that disappointment in people are the hardest to cope.

If you are a result or achievement motivated or oriented person, you'll find that failure in results or achievements will lead to a huge disappointment.,

If you are neither but still find yourself being disappointed, look for where that expectation came from because that's probably what causes that disappointment.

Disappointment has a negative connotation despite the fact that it's needed and necessary in life.

As much as I would love to talk about how it'll help you to grow and all that positive talk, I still find disappointment an eye sore in life.

I'm a people and task oriented person. I'm greedy and I want the best of both world. I have a growth mindset in this and I believe it's POSSIBLE to have both.

But how doable or achievable, I don't put much thoughts into it.,

Being an only child, my mom has a high expectation of me even till now.

I'm expected to score well, expected to be a leader in school and expected to achieve many things.

With that expectation, her pushing and classes that she signed me up for, I succeeded in some while disappointed her in some.

I guess that high expectation from her has nurtured me to be this greedy person who wanted the best of both world.

I've briefly shared this before but it has came a point in my life when everything doesn't go the way I expected it to be.

I gave up my career for studies so I was doing a much simpler job with a 50% pay cut but I couldn't cope with the politics in that job and the pressure and expectation from my boss of having to rise up in position when all I wanted is a simple job.

I was in year one and Psychology with sociology was something new to me and I had a hard time coping in school too.

Things ain't going well between me and Bigman at that point too being a young newly wed couple.

Everything seems to be failing my expectations and eventually, I got so disappointed that I fell into depression.

I guess from the start, my expectation was all wrong and I never had so much disappointment in my life before this and I don't know how to cope with them.

To cut the grandmother story short, I've learnt to eventually cope with things and get back into life.

But still, that experience didn't make any disappointment that come after that any less pain. It just makes them more manageable.

The past 3 months, it has been another period of my life where I got hit by disappointment upon disappointment. And to be honest, I felt I was partially at fault for having such a high expectation.

Last night was just one of the night where I felt so disappointed over certain stuff.

To be honest, I didn't sleep well and woke up at 6am when Bigman is up.

Moments like this, I choose to look at what I have and thank God for them instead of looking at the disappointments.

I'm doing a program to encourage the kids on power of positivity so I came up with a list of words that they will try to use when interacting with their friends.

I think it's God's way of encouraging me to be positive with all these positive words despite all the disappointments that's happening.

Pick your encouragement from the list today!

Felt so energized and lifted in my spirit after a class. Somehow the not so little ones gave me lots of energy and joy.

Went home to change before meeting my bestie for dinner. I know she will energize me up!!

Trying this #SkinInc mask tonight.


I love this mix and match concept that they came up with. They have the Gold(for calming and detox), Rose gold(lines be gone) and Silver(Glowing) in this series.

You can choose which mask you want to use for the upper and lower part of the face.

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