When we plan for this holiday, I was telling Bigman it'll be so fun if I can drive a Proton around the small town of Penang.

The only worries is that he don't have a license and I'm not sure how familiar or brave I am to drive. It'll be a waste of money if I don't dare to drive and just park it at where we stay.

So I drop that idea and didn't think much about it.

I've just landed in SG and now I can share my first surprise from Bigman.

He rented a Proton Saga for me to drive around Penang and it has been a nerve wreaking 3days of driving. Many of the places that we went were out of George Town and we had to go thru narrow lanes and do a lot of parallel parking.

But I managed to do it and we survived our first road trip.

It was quite crazy driving to the outskirt and many other places especially during night time but I made it!!

I think I'm quite ready to own a car after our house is done but I still tell Bigman the same thing: OLD Car please.

I still faced a lot of difficulties when it comes to parallel parking and it really doesn't help them Saga has a long head. I was so worried I'll scratch or damage it.

#LoveBonito just launched!
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Before I went Penang, I went to search online and found a lot of information on how to find the Mural. There are some blogs that provided very detailed information. I'll try to share as much as I know from my experience.

The place where the hipster cafes and mural are at, it's hard to find parking lots there. So I parked at 1 street away and it started off my Mural spotting!!

Right after we have parked our car, we saw this flower ice cream mural on the wall.

It started from Beach Street, 10500 George Town.

Opposite the ice cream is this girl here!

We entered the street that's between the 2 murals and found more street art!

I like this noodle face a lot!!

Look who I found from Sesame Street.

We exited the lane and continue our journey to ChinaHouse and one street before ChinaHouse, we discover that there are murals on the left and right too.

This lane has many cats mural and I only took photos of 2 of them. Not a cat lover but there were many people queuing up to take photos with the cats.

This cat is very well-drawn.

On the other side of the lane, this is where a lot of popular murals are at. Follow the mini sky lantern in and you can't miss the murals.

Look ma, 2 kids are fetching me!!

A new mural that's added.

I was expecting this to be quite big but it ended up being quite a small mural.

"Kah Lu"~

Lion dance!

Giving them the support~

We head to Lebuh Ah Quee to find Minions!

During evening time, it's time to pump petrol!

Look who's pumping petrol for me.

We drove for a 40 minutes before we reached Hai Boey Seafood. After parking, we went to get a table number. After which we went to take a walk along the beach.

The beach here is so beautiful and clean. I guess the only people that were on the beach are all guest from the seafood place.

After we are done with the beach, we went to the seafood tanks to select our dinner.

This is their signature appetizer, minced meat with eggplant. I didn't expect this dish to be so nice.

The battered flour is very tasty and light. When we bite, there are some juice from the eggplant and minced meat that oozed out.

#dayrefatties #dayrefoodie

Next dish is this clams steam with lime, chilli and garlic. I didn't expect to find such a delicious and fresh dish in Malaysia because it looks like a Thailand dish that I had in Phuket.

The clams are so fresh and I love the garlic combination. We polished this off immediately when it was being served.

Highlight of the night: Lobster.

I love how they fried the lobster together with the cheese. Makes the whole dish so yummy and it's literally "finger licking good".

Hai Boey seafood is a place worth visiting. The beautiful beach and fresh/cheap seafood tasted really good.

It was a little scary when we were driving back because we had to drive past some single lanes in the dark and some vehicles are cutting lane at a dangerous speed too.

This morning before we left the apartment, I took some photos for some adverts.

Loving this pair of Pazzion shoe that Pazzion sent over. I've been alternating this and my Adidas slip on. I can't say it's a 100% but 80-90% of Pazzion shoes don't bite and there's no worry about uncomfortable or biting.

Loving this #Canmake cosmetic c/o Canmake too. I've been using the loose powder and blusher on my face and I love the effect. I've yet to try the eye shadow but the pigmentation looks good when I tried it on my hand.

#dayrebeauty #dayremakeup

Applying my blusher every morning before I leave home in Penang!

Loving this dress from #HollyHoque too!! The embroidery details at the sleeves are so pretty.

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