Happy 10th anniversary and 5th wedding anniversary.

There's so much to say and so much to thank you for.

Thanks for protecting, pampering, giving and loving me when you have nothing when we started out 10 years ago.

Thanks for being constant with all that when 10 years later you have became so successful and having so much stuff. For protecting me the paranoid way, for pampering me till my friends shake their head, for giving me more than what I need & for loving me more every day.

I pray that time will slow down, we will get to enjoy each other's company as long as we live.

And it still makes my eyes teary knowing that one day I'll have to lose you. But I know in eternity, I'll have you with me.

At 11.47pm, I was almost falling asleep so he took this out from underneath my pillow.

Apparently, he's been hiding this second surprise that he has prepared for the trip on the bed at obvious places but I was too tire to spot it!!

We wanted to take some photos but we woke up really late so didn't had the chance to capture more.

View that I wake up too.

What I'm wearing today. All ready for Day Two!

45, Lebuh Cintra, George Town, Penang.

After the disappointing seafood dinner, I have very high hope for this local traditional dim sum place.

We were quite excited because this place looks so old school.

There will be grannies pushing the dim sum cart around and you can take them when they reached your table.

There's a very nice granny who is able to converse with us in English. She spent a good 5 minutes talking to me and I adore her so much. She was telling us how to buy fish, cook food and some other random stuff. Awwww so nice!!

The dim sum tasted really good! We ordered about 8 dishes with 3 cups of drinks and the total bill came up to be RM37 only!

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

The Blue Mansion

This place is so overrated. I prefer The Peranakan museum in Malacca over this. The one in Malacca is really a glimpse into the life of Peranakan while this is just an adoration on the Blue building.

Hock Seng Rojak

There are a few Rojak stalls around and it took us a while before finding Hock Seng Rojak.

#penang #dayretravel #mandytravellog

We ordered a medium size to share and they are so generous with their youtiao serving.

Granny being generous with the serving of the prawn paste sauce too. The prawn paste sauce tasted very unique, it's super thick as compared to normal prawn paste sauce.

Our bowl of Rojak!!

Took ootd with my bowl of Rojak!!

They do not provide any seating place so we went opposite to the old blocks to find a spot to finish up our Rojak. I wanted to have it in the car but I'm worried that it might smell.

Pasar Air Itam Laksa

We went all the way out of George Town for this legendary number one Penang Laksa in Penang.

RM5 for a bowl of delicious Penang Laksa.,

Cooking in process.

I've not tried other Penang Laksa in Penang but this is definitely so delicious!!

It was so nice that we wanted a second bowl and yes, it's worth the effort to drive all the way for this.

Penang Hill

Took the Funicular up to Penang hill. It cost RM15 for 1-way and RM30 for 2-ways. If you want fast lane(priority boarding), just pay RM15 more per person.

When we went up, the queue isn't long so we took the normal ticket. But when we were coming down, the queue was crazy so we top up for fast lane ticket.

Beautiful view of George Town.

Someone released this Sky Lantern but failed!! It kept dropping back on the ground & they gave up after a while.

They have this LOVE bridge for people to put their "Love lock" on it.

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