#dayretravel #mandytravellog

Started shopping before I fly~

Gave in and bought a cushion for myself from #Sulwahsoo. Attended a Sulwahsoo event some time back and my friend bought it too. I read a lot of raving about it so I hope it'll be good.

#dayremakeup #dayrebeauty

Brought along my Luxemono clutch to put my passport and documents!!

Gate opening time is cheating my feelings.

I wanted to shop more(think: Zara etc) but because we arrived quite late, we decided to head to the departure gate after shopping the cosmetic.

And here I am, waiting for 20 minutes!!

Let's hope the malls will be good to shop.

But then again, it'll be a chillax, relax and eat trip!!

Ended up there's a change in gate number 😱😱!

The kind staff at Changi Airport came over to the existing gate to inform us of the change. Love the service of our airport.

The amount of mist that they blast in the plane makes me felt like vegetable in cold storage!!

The whole plane was so misty when we boarded and everybody gave the puzzled look.

On plane and off we go!

I received my first surprise for this anniversary trip!

I shall share on it on the last day what crazy stuff we have done!

We stopped somewhere for #OOTD! I love the beautiful sea view here.

I love this Bangkok dress which kept me very warm in the airport and the flight.

View from our place!!

I can look at this view EVERYDAY!!

Our gorgeous home for the next 3 days!

This place is so nicely decorated.

Chew Jetty

I'm loving this outfit c/o #HollyHoque.

Welcome by this view at the end of Chew Jetty.


Dangling my feet over the jetty and enjoying the breeze and calmness with Bigman.

A moment I'll never forget.

Traveling the world with him.

大树下 Seafood Place.

How our rice was being served.

Cereal prawn.

According to Bigman, the prawns ain't too fresh and that's why a lot of the prawn heads are detached from the body. I think this tasted quite normal, nothing much to rave about and I've definitely tasted much better ones.

Sweet potato leaves with chilli. Nothing can go wrong with this but I guess being a huge fan of Sambal chilli, I'll very much love my sweet potato leaves with them.

The chilli that they used have a hint of curry and it's not spicy enough for me.

Clam goes best with Sambal chilli too.

There are still other dishes but I think they tasted very normal.

They have a small section where they will display the food available for the day. Prices will be displayed & they are mainly shown by per 100gram.

The whole place gets very crowded by dinner time. I guess we ordered the wrong dish and ended up being quite disappointed.

We ordered 5 dishes in total and this meal cost only RM78. Its definitely considered cheap.

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