Celebrated Bigman's birthday with him and this marks the 10th year that I'm celebrating it for him.

We tried to recall all the past celebrations but failed πŸ˜‚. I've asked which was the most significant and memorable to him and he said it's the first bday and the one that happened 2 years ago where I brought him out to Ocean Pacific to do dolphin watch!

Happie birthday to the man who loves, pampers, spoils and always put me first in his life.

He took leave to pay back his sleep debt but he has to wait for my Pazzion delivery for an advert before he came out and look for me.

He have no idea where to go or what to eat so I brought him for a steamboat buffet where they serve his favourite soft served ice cream.

After the dinner, I went to pick up cloth from #HollyHoque!!


This pinstripe top caught my attention the moment I walked into the shop. It's newly launched on Tuesday in store so do go down to grab it if you are keen.

Top is lined so it's not sheer. I love the comfortable yet structured material. I was expecting it to have a low neck line which I'll feel uncomfortable in but ended up, it's not as revealing as I thought.

Wearing S here and it fits with allowance. Bagged this home for my trip!!

I love this newly launched dress too. The embroidery at the sleeves are so pretty and gorgeous. I love wearing big sleeves especially if they are structured like this one.

Wearing S here and there's ample of allowance. The only troublesome thing about this dress is that there's 3 ribbons to be tied at the sleeve area. But that's not going to stop me from bagging this home!!

There's the white version too but I thought black looks nicer and makes the embroidery details more obvious at the sleeve. I guess I'm still a fan of black!

This dress is very pretty too, just a pity that it's too short on me and I can't wear it for work.

What I'm wearing!! Loving the daisy top from #Zara, felt like a sunflower that day.

#LoveBonito just launched!
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Dropped by #Lovebonito next.

I realized it's been a while since I stepped in to try any clothing. Nowadays, I'm too busy and tired to head down for physical shopping. Everything is purchased online!!

Flamingo prints is back and this time round, on a dress.

I prefer the material of this dress more than the old version. This time round, the material is soft and comfortable instead of being stiff and structured.

Dress is lined so it's not sheer. I'm wearing S here and it fits with allowance. The only thing is that it's very loose for me at the off shoulder arm area. I would have gotten this if it's a romper instead of a dress.

I have a feeling it'll be made into a romper!!

Tried this dress that many girls raved about too.

Wearing S here and it's snug at the hip area. Dress is lined but white is slightly sheer so you'll have to wear nude undergarment.

I think this dress is very pretty but I don't like the tie ribbon back detail. I know it's something unique but for lazy people like me, I'll prefer a zip version.

Lastly, this color-blocked dress caught my attention. I love this grey, navy and vermillion color combination. It's such a nice color combination which makes the dress stands out.

Wearing S here with allowance. The only thing that is stopping me from getting this is the length. I won't be able to squat or bend down with this length.

Finally done with work and heading for an event now.

The long awaited trip is happening tmr but we have yet to pack or plan any itinerary!

After 3 months of hiatus, I've RSVP-ed for event.

The first event was for the launch of #Puma Ignite NETFIT, the latest performance trainer. It offers a new customizable lacing system which enhances the fit and support by combining a high-grade engineered net with a form-fitting base material.

I love the effect of such video done up at event!!

The white version looks so good and I'm contemplating if I should get it. My good old Nike running shoe has been worn out by me and it's time to look for a new pair.

What I worn for the event.

I love this outfit a lot. It's suitable for work and event. The white shirt is c/o #HollyHoque and the grey overall is from #LoveBonito. Both are wardrobe staple pieces which I've repeated a few times with different pieces.

I'm not the hardworking kind who always do 2 pieces but I love staple like this which is fuss free and easy to match.

Oh, the nude pointed shoes from LB.

Will it be too crazy to cart the black one too? It's too comfy that I'm alternating between the rust and nude ones.

At the launch of the new packaging of Haddrells Manuka Honey in Natures Farm!

Worn #TheEditorsMarket off shoulder top and pants and love this combination.

I'm a huge fan of Manuka Honey.

My family doctor actually recommended Manuka Honey to me because I fall sick very easily in the past. I've been taking Manuka Honey on a daily basis for 2 years and yes, my health has improved tremendously.

I'm no longer falling sick or at least if the people around me are sick, I won't catch the virus so easily.

Thanks for gifting us with the honey!!

I'm flying off less than 8 hours time and I've not done any packing yet.

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