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Hello Mid year, you came faster than I expected.

It has been 2 months since I started working. I enjoy the fast pace life where my time is packed with meaningful things to do. I don’t find myself looking back at the year break that I had. I guess I’m not someone who can sit there and do nothing. I enjoy having a pay cheque and building up my savings(which has been depleted in my 4 years of studies). 

July has been awesome and being my favourite month(it’s our wedding and dating anniversary), I’m blessed and proud to announce that we are home owner as of 05th July 2017. This translate to bearing more responsibilities and being more prudent in my spending. 

I’ve been doing some awesome collaboration too and let me introduce a few of my favourite brands here.


I’m not sure what took me so long to discover them. Yes, I’m being sponsored by them but you have to agree that their clothing are of quality and style. 


A new and budding online accessories shop which I enjoy working with. The owner is very easy going and nice to work with. Most importantly, I love how they bring in statement earrings of quality at an affordable price. I look forward to receive the rest of the pieces that I’ve selected. Oh, I’m doing a giveaway with them soon too, keep a look out on my IG(handle: mandalogy21). 

I’m looking forward to the surprise by all-time favourite Pazzion too. It has been a year since I worked with them and it has always been a pleasant one. I love how they spice up this year’s collaboration by giving us a surprise on the shoes that they will be sending over. 

And yes, I look forward to our anniversary trip where we can both take a break from work and everything else just to enjoy each other’s presence.

Till then.


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