It was raining yesterday so I worn #LoveBonito knitted top out and it's so soft and comfortable. It wasn't as hot as I expected it to be, walked under the sun to lunch place and I didn't sweat at all.


I love this Lenore Asymmetric top. Material is soft but structured. The ruffle details added volume to the bust which helps to create a smaller waist. This top is not lined but it's not sheer because of the good material.

Close up detail of the top. I'm wearing S and it's slightly loose on me. Love this top a lot and I can't wait to wear it out this weekend.

Next is this oversized shirt top. I love the tucked in effect of this top, saves the hassle of having to ensure that I tucked it in properly.

This top is not lined so it's slightly sheer. I'm wearing dark colored bra here and it can be seen slightly.

This doesn't come in size and it's too big for me. If only this comes in size, I'll definitely bag this home.

Tried on this zandra crochet pleat dress too. This dress is in free size but it'll fit local S to M.

Dress is lined so it's not sheer at all. The pleat on this dress is as pretty as those on the maxi dress. The crochet details at the neck gives the peek-a-boo effect but yet at the same time not overly sexy or revealing.

Next up is this babydoll dress. I'm wearing S and this is very loose on me but I love the way it looks. If it's too tight or body hugging, I don't think it'll have the babydoll effect which I love a lot.

Dress is not lined but it's not sheer because of the good material. The neck line is not too low for my liking too, it stops at a place where it's not revealing and I love it a lot.

Catch up with my girlie at Kaisen Don and had their Chirashi don which tasted very normal. I was feeling very hungry and it tasted normal to me so I guess it's not that fantastic.

#dayrefatties #dayrefoodie

My favourite #Zara box is here too.

Love the vibrant recycle paper that they use.

My 3 babydoll type in different designs.

First is this babydoll top in sky blue. There's only XS left so I took the risk and carted it out. Thank God I managed to fit into it and there's still ample of allowance. Top is lined so it's not sheer at all. I love the flare detail at the bottom of the top.

Next is this printed flounce top. I love this top a lot when I saw it in Zara but it took a while before I decided to cart it.

I love the ruffled sleeve details at the side and the vibrant color of this top. This top is lined too so it's not sheer. This will make a great work top!!

Lastly is this checkered babydoll top. This is similar to the yellow checkered babydoll dress which I've gotten previously. Top is lined and S fits me well with allowance. Out of the 3 babydoll top design, I love this the most!!

On #JAHome!

Let's talk about dinning area today. I'm glad that the ideal dinning area that we wanted will be able to fit in with the floor plan.

I want to build a L-shape structured seat like the above photo. It's a pity that HDB in Singapore doesn't have windows at dinning area and I'm not willing to switch the location of my living room with my dinning area just for the effect.

I think this blue and white theme looks good. I'm intending to build storage space below the seats so that I can have more space to store my items.

This looks very comfortable too and I love the pastel color scheme. But I'll prefer a rectangle table instead of a round table.

This looks very cosy too. I'm going to put a lot of pillows at the dinning place and it'll become a "chillax" area for us to work or enjoy our meal in.

It'll look something like this minus the window.

Worn my zara babydoll out today.

Collected my #Lovebonito parcel.

Received Beldie Draped Blouse in S. It's slightly snug at the PTP area but the overall fitting is just nice, I think M will be too loose for me.

The material is so soft and comfortable, another top that you won't want to take off once you wear it on. The neckline is not too low too which means I can wear it for work. But I've to be careful not to bend down.

Next is this floral top. I got it in S and the PTP is quite snug but I guess I'll be fine with it. Top is lined so it's not sheer at all. Love the floral prints and ruffled details at the bust part.

Collected my remaining #Taobao item from #ezbuy.

Item Name: 西班牙2017夏季新款女装zar全棉衬衫小花朵刺绣露肩上衣潮0881023


This off shoulder top is LOVE. It's slightly sheer but I think nude bra will solve this sheer issue. I carted S but it's quite loose on me, especially the arm area. The are 2 smocked part at the arm area so I tried to push it back to create a shorter arm length.

Close up print of the top with the smooched detail at the arm.

Item name: 1988女装 17夏季新款时尚休闲百搭珍珠纽扣连衣裙 荷叶袖子叠层裙


This dress is lined so it's not sheer at all. The material is very comfortable too. The pearls are not sewn on, they are attached to a small metal part at the inner part of the dress. This ensure that the pearls don't drop out easily. Length wise, it's slightly short on me. I'll wear it as a casual outfit and I was telling Bigman I can keep this and wear it when I'm pregnant!!

Close up detail of the pearls. Very very good purchase and I love it a lot!

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