After an excited mid-week, it's back to work.

I'll be holding a giveaway for this #HollyHoque black maxi pleated dress tonight.

This dress is lined and the pleats are so beautiful. I tend to shy away from pleats too because they tend to emphasize on my hips and make me look heavier at my bottom. For this dress, I added a belt at the waist and I love the effect of how it makes me look alright instead of the usual emphasis.

Keep a lookout for more details tonight!

I feel that I always set a very high standard and have a very high expectation of myself to the point when things ain't going well, I'll be so affected. This will lead to disappointment and sadness.

Sigh, Amanda, please give yourself more time and space to learn and grow.


#LoveBonito just launched!
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We will be collecting our keys within this 2-3 months and this translate to the need of finding an ID.

I guess it's time to read through #dayrehomes and reviews on ID.

If anybody feels that your ID did a great job, feel free to leave a comment below!!

I'm hoping to start renovation the moment we collect our keys so that we can spend Christmas and Count down in our new nest.

I've been searching around for ideas when we received the letter from HDB that we got a queue number.

On #JAhome, we are keeping the design as simple as we can. We have the intention to sell the place after 5 years to somewhere bigger and with an ideal location.

However, there are still stuff that we want in our home like a walk-in wardrobe for my clothing, bags, accessories and BOOKs. I have a book shelf filled with my psychology books and it's hard to throw them away. I still use them as reference when I'm planning programs for the not-so-little-ones at times!!

We are not intending to do any hacking of the walls since we have the intention to sell it off. The second bedroom will be converted into a walk-in wardrobe.

I prefer dark color because it's easier to maintain.

I wanted an open concept with no doors or cover but Bigman mention that my items will get dusty without any cover.

Most probably, we will be building up railing system for the clothing with a big door like this. I got a feeling the doors will be kept open most of the time given my laziness πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

I actually like this kind of open concept a lot. Anybody who has an open walk in wardrobe. Do the clothing and stuff gets dusty easily??

I have the crazy idea to build an U shape for to cover the window and place at island at the center so that spaces are fully utilized but Bigman πŸ™„πŸ™„ at my idea.

I think this pull out wardrobe concept is great too! But it'll need more planning on how to fully utilize the space.

After browsing thru, I think that a white walk-in wardrobe seems to be nicer than a dark colored one.

Another U-shape idea! But dark colors seem to look very overwhelming.

What do you girls feel about dark colors vs white?

This concept looks so cool too. It'll give the vibe as thou you are shopping in shops. I think this is one idea that I might want to adopt in my walk in wardrobe!!

Anybody has this? I think this is commonly found in many walk in wardrobe but is this function? If I need to do like 4-5 layers of drawers in order to store the many pairs of earrings, will it be better to adopt other storage system to ensure I fully utilize the space?

I think this will be a great idea for bags!! Anybody has this storage system in their walk in wardrobe??

Enough of house! I feel more confused after doing more research.

Received this LB top and I love it a lot. This top is lined so it's not stress, I'm wearing S here and it's very loose on me. I think I have to pair it with a tight bottom instead of a flare bottom which I'm wearing today. The color looks brighter in real life than this photo.

My shoes are too big for ninja point collection so I'm still waiting for them to contact me.

I need my nude shoes!!

Giveaway happening now on my IG(handle: mandalogy21).

Do head over to win this black pleated maxi dress from HollyHoque.

Ive done so many research and I wanted to show them to Bigman.

But he's not home yet 😭.

He's busy working and I guess he has not taken his dinner yet.

Sometimes I'll feel so heartpain to see him work so hard just to provide a better life for us in future. He can't sleep on plane so he doesn't like to travel but he still has to do so. And I know he's someone who loves to sleep in on weekends instead of having to work on certain week.

I'm thankful for a responsible husband. Can't wait for him to be home and give him a big hug.

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