Good morning~

This will be a great week because we are heading down to HDB to book our flat on Wednesday!

Bigman is going to comb the remaining units tonight and see if there's any that fits our criteria. I guess we have reduce the criteria by a lot from years ago when we first started out looking for a home.

I was too tired to continue my post on Saturday so let me share a collage.

After doing our Hari Raya visit, we went over to @lovingmumz place. Baby C is so adorable and he kept smiling. I really enjoyed the catch up session with them. There's many changes made to my ex-department but I love how we remain bonded as a team even after I have left the place and we still make the effort to meet up.

I guess this is a case of #ColleaguesTurnFriends.

@daphnetxy @bowiechuah

Outfits over the weekend!

Worn my #Zara top out and paired it with my #HollyHoque shorts. This pair of HH shorts has been my favourite and I've been repeating it. If you have not try out any HH bottoms, you may want to head down to their store at Somerset outlet. I have 3 pair of shorts from them and they are all my current favourite.

Worn #Taobao embriodery top out too and carried #TheTinselRack bag.

I finally worn #TheStageWalk dress out too.

Busy day at work with a list of "To-Do" to complete~

Yayness to 300 free coins!

Thanks @blog for being so generous to us. I'm one of those who will splurge on stickers haha.

Did an advert for Sally Hansen too and it was fun painting my own nails!!

#LoveBonito just launched!
@sh3rifoo @felicetsy @sabsoh @huilin__ @whitechoco @sxnoonlush @ruthneedsmoney @sodapopp @lovingmumz @bowiechuah @Allicsirpy @teebeijia @acrxtheuniverse @jerine @cheryllee @linettewhz @saudaded @cherylxong @imalittleteapot @itsmekarenn @darkice88 @Tfortheodora @nefuhs @jclpk @crystalsim @bleusnow @aziqixx

I got a new set of stickers with the coins gifted to us!!

Dropped by #Hollyhoque!


Tried this again and I still think it looks weird on me. The whole emphasis seems to be at the wrong place but this is such a lovely piece.

This new item for the week looks so prettie with the Tassel side. You can tie the Tassel at both side to create a slimmer waist.

Tried this eyelet top too. I love the cold shoulder but it's slightly big on me.

Loving this maxi dress too. The cut is so flattering and I love the pleats design too.

#LoveBonito styling workshop.

The thing that caught my eyes the most are their SHOES.

I remember 3 years ago LB used to launch shoes and they are so comfortable. I'm so glad that they are bringing the shoes back.

Bagged home these 2 pairs, nude and rust. They are so comfortable and nice. I can't wait for the other shoe designs to launch.

Back to the clothing!

I love this peplum dress. The material is thick and good but I'm just worried that it'll be low cut for me.

Next is this dress which some of the girls said it's very me! The elastic band at the waist created a slimmer waist and I'm sure this is a dress which will make you look slim. It's lined so it's not sheer at all.

This dress looks very sweet and the sleeves are loved too but I have a feeling it will look too short for me. I hope they will produce this in more colors for the top.

I love how @kohsher pairs the Gilgia Gathered high neck top with this upcoming olive dress.

The way she pairs the vest with the dress on the right makes it very classy too.

I didn't expect the eyelet top to look so nice when paired with the floral skirt. Now I'm tempted to cart it from online because it looks very versatile. The top is lined and it doesn't look sheer at all which makes it even more tempting.

I love how they paired this knitted top with denim skirt. Can you spot the mule that she's wearing too? I'm definitely going to grab a pair when it's launch.

Last 2 outfits of the day.

I remembered the knitted pleated skirt in grey was a popular item when it was launched. I think this blush version will be another popular item too. The color is very sweet in real life and you are able to pair it well with any light color top.

Rachel making the announcement that LB will be opening their first flagship store in SG!

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