It's finally mid-week.

#LoveBonito just launched!
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3/4 of my #TaoBao purchases have arrived and I'm very happy with them.


Item Name: 欧美风夏季百搭款亮丽衬肤色黄格子短袖直简型宽松范连衣裙短裙女


This yellow checkered dress is love. I've been eyeing it since I saw this in 313 Zara outlet but the price tag doesn't justify for the material.

So glad that this dress looks and feels exactly like the Zara one. This dress is not sheer at all and the babydoll cutting is so nice. No regrets for getting this at all.

Item Name: 2017夏装新品女装印花高腰短裤 +短款上衣衬衫2492/002 2492002


I bought this with the intention of planning a beach holiday but I've forgotten that the next 2 holidays have nothing to do with beach.

Bigman said that this is too sexy for Malaysia AND Singapore so I can't wear it anywhere unless we plan a beach holiday. Shall go think of a solution for it because I love the material and the prints.


Item Name: 欧美2017夏季新款百搭女装条纹拼接上衣肩部系带套头背心吊带


Another top which I got to layer and wear for work. Another Zara inspired piece which is made of good material.

Item Name: 欧美2017夏季新款复古民族风刺绣叠层装饰无袖连衣裙背心裙短裙


Glad that this dress is not overly short on me. This dress is not sheer too and I love the material. The embroidery details looks good and I'm surprised by how nice it looks in real life.

Name: 欧美2017夏季新款时尚百搭显瘦花卉刺绣露肩上衣短袖棉短袖衬衫


This cold shoulder top is nice but a pity I can't wear it for work. I'm wearing nude color bra here and it's not sheer. The embroidery details are very nice and I think this is a good buy!!

There's so many of you camping but I'm still caught up at work now!!

I guess that's all I have for today. A super busy day at work but I'm enjoying what I'm doing.

Sorry that many of you camping for more. Will definitely update again when my second batch reaches me.

And yes, even thou TB has Zara inspired pieces, I'll still buy selected pieces from them!!

Shipment for the ABOVE clothing which falls under <Buy For Me>.

I carted the clothing when EZBUY has free agent fee and discounted shipping fee. In total, I top up $3.97 for all the 5 pieces.

I have them shipped to Shanghai warehouse.

I ordered on 18th June and they arrived in SG on 25th June and I managed to collect them on 27th June. So it'll take about 9 days for them to reach?

I'm very excited about my next batch of clothing and I hope they will be as good as this batch!

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