Good morning.

It's a public holiday but I'm wide awake now. Gone are the days when I have the ability to sleep till 1pm.

Anyway, I've decided to go on a shopping ban(AGAIN).

Apart from the weekly sponsorship that I get, I've been buying like a mad woman from everywhere. Looking at the amount of new clothing that I have, it's quite crazy and I still have parcels from TaoBao, Zara and ASOS.

Bigman has been trying to tell me that there's no more space at home and I guess I realized it when I finished up the last hanger at home 🙈🙉🙊.

It'll be a 2 weeks shopping ban starting from today.

Apart from sponsorship, I'll not be buying any clothing.

For our sales of balance, our top 3 favourite units are booked by others.

Which means I don't know what other units to choose now. 6 more days to go and I've stopped checking HDB website on a daily basis.

I was so upset and Bigman comforted me by suggesting alternatives. I know our options are not limit just by resale or SOB.

Recently, a very close friend of ours is looking at EC and to our surprise, a decent 3 or 4 bedroom EC isn't too expensive.

I'm more psycho-ed by the fact of being neighbors with my close friend rather than staying in an EC.

On the other hand, I'm not someone who likes to take big risk or I felt that I'm not ready for such a big purchase.

Resale flat sounds like a big headache to me and the amount of cash that we need to fork out pains my heart. I'm not sure if I'm ready for that.

When I'm a kid, I always want to grow up quickly so that I can have freedom.

Now that I'm an adult, I wish that I can be a carefree kid again.


Worn out this #LoveBonito Pamiya Printed Playsuit out. Wearing S and it fits nicely. I love the material of this Playsuit and it feels very comfortable.

Another #TheTinselRack top that I got during the sales. This white top is quite sheer but nude undergarment will solve this issue.

Law of Average.

If you keep sowing your seed, the law of Average will work for you.

Birds will devour some and weather will destroy some. It's a nature process and there's no need to question why.

You need to discipline your disappointment and continue to sow. No matter what you are sowing into or hoping for a harvest now, just keep sowing and you'll get the harvest as long as you don't give up.



I love this Sherena Floral Embroidery top in light blue too. Perfect for weekend and it can be worn for work too. Top is not sheer at all and I love the soft material of this top.

Worn #TheStageWalk Cynthia pinstripe dropwaist dress out too. This dress is lined so it's not sheer at all. The cutting is very flattering and it makes me look slimmer. I love the peplum hem and I love how it spices up the whole dress.

Trying out this LB Gwendolyn Layered Ruffle Sleeve Top in black. S is slightly loose for me and I'll prefer the material to be more structured. Keeping this top because it makes a good work top.

Love the sleeve!

Out to spend time with Fammie! How I wish every Monday is a non-working day.

Finally found this in the hospital's Cheers. Tasted more yucky than Bandung~

What I worn today! Love this floral top from #TheTinselRack but it seems to be a little oversized on me. And this pair of #HollyHoque shorts are my favourite.

On a grabshare now and the 2 guys sharing with us discuss about girls in a very crude way which makes me feel very uncomfortable. They contributed to play some mobile games loudly and scold vulgarities until the driver had to remind them to mind their language.

And they ignored him and carried on with their language.

Is it weird that I expect people who takes grabshare to have basic manners not to discuss about girls in a crude and sexual way when there's a female(aka me) around?

Or that they should not be blasting their games loudly and scold vulgarities loudly like every 2 minutes?

Or am I just weird?

Worn my LB midi dress out too on one of the afternoon. I've returned the S & bought it in M, fits me nicely at PTP instead of feeling snugged.

It'll be back to my busy schedule tmr again.

And School holiday has ended which means it'll be very busy at work. Can't wait for my Holiday to come. Counting down: 24 days.

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