Went to try this #CollateTheLabel dress. Love it so much but don't think I'm willing to spend the money for it.

Saw this pair of new #Adidas slip on too. Tried the blush version and got very tempted.

Should I?

My #TheTinselRack tops have arrived. Bigman is still sleeping and I don't want to disturb him so I can only try them on later.

I have 2 LB parcels waiting for me at the collection point too. I think Bigman and momma will go crazy hahaha.

My #HelioCare sunblock came and I think it's authentic because it looks/smells/feels exactly like my previous one.


Beating the heat with full outfit c/o #HollyHoque.

Changed into #TheTinselRack top that I've gotten during their sales this week. Love this top so much, it's like the perfect lightweight top for work on a hot day in a classroom.

This new Cajun seafood platter from Fish and Co is so delicious. The taste is very pepperish and I love anything with black pepper.

Went to #Starbucks Reserve. I've been wanting to check out this place for quite a while.

I love the whole wooden concept in this store.

I'll be back for some coffee.

Ah chew dessert to end our date!

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