I first read about #Caolion from some online article.

The top portion contains the Pore Blackhead Steam Foam Cleanser. Apply a thin layer on clean dry skin, wait for the heated effect to take place, massage gently for 10-20 seconds before washing off with cold water.

After you are done with the Cleanser, apply a thin layer of Pore Tightening Cooling Foam Cleanser, wait for the cooling effect to take place before, massage gently for 10-20 seconds before washing off with hot water.

And after that, remember to put some moisturizer on after that!

I've sensitive combination skin so it's not easy to find a product that's friendly to the pocket and works for me.

I've tried many other brands such as Glam Glow, Fresh and Origins and they don't seem to work on me. I don't want to use those peel off stripes for black/whiteheads because it's damaging to the pores. So I'm very excited when this Caolion mask works well for me.

#dayrebeauty #dayreskincare

I don't have a fantastic skin.

In fact, I think that my pores are quite visible and I do get red rash on my skin.

So far, I love my SK2 Facial Treatment Essence. I know many other brands introduced products saying that they will work better than SK2 but in my opinion, I still find it the best for my skin.

Another favourite has to be Skin Inc. I know it works for some and don't work for others. I guess everyone of us have different types of skin so find something that works for you.

On Shopping!

#TheTinselRack floral romper. Love the bell sleeve and prints a lot. The material feels very comfortable too. There is a sash which comes with this but I prefer it to be without sash. Thinking if I should keep this for my holiday next month.



Got another embriodery top. The cutting for this is very unique, unlike the usual shirt design. This will make a great casual top.

Cynthia Pinstripe dropwaist dress in blue stripes. I love the blue stripes design and how this dress gives the illusion of a slimmer me.

I was so excited to see this maxi dress being restocked. This dress is lined so it's not sheer at all. I love the flowy material too. Wearing size M and it fits me with no allowance at the PTP area, thank God I decided to take M size instead after looking at the measurement.

#LoveBonito just launched!
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#Zara sales and I carted out some items!!

So much talk about not shopping.

💸: $19.90

💸: $29.90

So happy that this is on sales. I know I'll regret big time if I don't cart this.

💸: $35.90

I couldn't resist carting this but after carting it out, I realized I bought THE SAME dress from TaoBao.

I've carted a lot of items from #TaoBao via #Ezbuy too. Crossing my finger that they will look exactly like the stock photo.

And nope, this is NOT SPONSORED!

Let me show you what did I cart out!!

This will be perfect for my summer holiday to a hot place.

I carted this too! I've been so tempted by the Zara and The Beverlyn Label but I'm unwilling to pay the price for them.

I have so many off-shoulder tops at home till I lost count. I don't remember repeating any but I just love to keep them. It makes more economical sense to buy from TaoBao!

Carted this too even thou it's not "work friendly".

Carted this for layering and it'll be considered "work friendly".

Carted this too!

Gotten this too! Not sure if it'll be too short for me.

Then I carted out an extra from TaoBao. Totally forgotten what I've gotten from TaoBao.

I might let go of this TaoBao checkered dress. Anybody keen?

Letting go at $13(The price I paid for) if it looks exactly like the stock photo.

And this too!!

Another brand that I've been shopping with: #TheTinselRack

I couldn't resist this even thou I've bought the floral romper and floral off shoulder top.

Carted this. Looks like one of the top from Zara 🙈.

Got this work friendly top too.

I finally found this Brush Makeup Cleanser in #Daiso after searching high and low for it.

Can't wait to try it out this weekend to wash my brushes.

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