It's been a week since I last updated and I'm glad it's my favourite weekend again!

I'm still shopping everyday even thou I've not been updating!!

Carted Aforie Asymmetrical Dress in S. I love the structured material of the dress & there's pockets too. S is a little loose and I'm expecting it to be more tight fit.

Carted this Tayen Printed Layer Top when #lovebonito restocked this. S fits nicely without being to snug at the PTP. I'm surprised that the material is quite thick, very similar to neoprene.

I love the material of this dress and I'm loving how it looks on me. This can be worn for work too if I add a top in it or I'm able to wear it on its own if I have no teaching.

Carted LB dress in S but it's too snug for me at the PTP! Going to return this & carting M instead.

Same goes for Navy! Going to return this and cart out the M size!

Worn out my #Hollyhoque dress out & I love how simple & flowy it is. This dress is lined & S fits me nicely without being too snug.

#Zara dress which is quite oversized on me. But I love the belt & sleeves of this dress.

Worn this outfit from #TheBeverlynLabel out with #TheClosetLover top too.

My #ezbuy purchases from #Taobao.

Disclaimer: Not sponsored!!

This pair of earring looks exactly like the photo. Material wise it's quite good but the plastic stud at the back seems to have melted so I'm going to replace the plastic stud with my own.

Clean fan clasp, clasp retro art pin lovable personality pin brooch women bag pendant


Cactus pin which I love a lot. The quality of it is very good too. It looks exactly like the photo.

Bought this cat & fish pin for one of my colleague too because she's a cat lover.

Asymmetric simple earrings Pearl Earrings ear line female temperament long tassels Korea earrings accessories


Another pair of earring which looks exactly like the stock photo, love this a lot.

Dinner at Makan by Hotel Jen.

There is a wide variety of cooked food and most of them tasted quite decent. I guess our favourite has to be the chili crab with mantou.

The seafood are all very fresh too, I love it when hotel buffet has a wide variety which includes my favourite such as Alaska crab leg.

The highlight of the night was air flown oyster from France!

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

Worn this dress c/o #thestagewalk out for lunch yesterday. Felt so happie to receive compliment from Bigman, he don't usually like lace stuff but he finds this dress very dainty & sweet.

Changed into this #Fashmob top for the dinner & birthday celebration for Twinnie. Went over her house to play with mini Twinnie so i worn this pair of comfy shorts c/o #HollyHoque. It has became my staple casual shorts, so comfy & there's pockets too!!

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