Busy & tire are understatement but I survived my third week at work.

Slowly getting the hang of it but there's still many things for me to learn. I love this busy & enriching life that I'm having now.

The only downside is the physical tiredness. You need all the energy to teach & engage the "not so little ones" but I'm loving every moment with them.

I went back to one of the class that I've fond memories of. The way they waved their hands & welcomed me back makes me felt like a superstar.

I'm even happier when they told me their results have improved. They are taking small steps towards their BIG dreams. I guess it's a privilege to be a full time staff in this company, being given the chance to do things that's impacting life.

There's still a lot for me to learn & grow, I hope my roots will grow & I'll be able to plant myself here & flourish.

To keep myself(and probably Bigman too) sane, we booked ourselves a holiday.

I can't wait for July to come because it's his birthday & our anniversary. I wanted a pool villa with sea view but for the budget that I had in mind, we couldn't find anything that we like.

I have an issue with paying money to get a pool villa with walls surrounding us. I guess Canopi changes my view on beach getaways.

Since it's our 10th anniversary & 5th wedding anniversary, Bigman decided to go ahead & managed to shortlist some awesome pool villa with awesome sea view for me to choose. But we have to pay close to 4digits per night for each villa and that's a price tag that I'm unwilling to pay.

With that amount, I'm able to fly to Taiwan/HK/Korea for 4D3N, shop till I drop & it'll still be cheaper than these villas.

But I didn't want city holiday. I want something more relax, preferably away from city. We decided to explore a nearby city where flight time is an hour away from SG.

I've been wanting to visit that place for very long. Can't wait to check that off my bucket list. I just did some research and now I have a long list of places to visit.

And can I say that it feels good to be chilling on the sofa at 9.30am, catching up on my Hong Kong drama & doing some research for my trip.

I've forgotten how it felt to be so relax & chill.

I've been trying to keep up with my social media posting too but I guess the most that I can do now is an IG post per day.

I'm very grateful for the opportunities & understanding from brands that I'm working with. Due to work, I'm left with the precious weekends to have the photos taken & drafting of captions. The very kind people will always extend the dateline for me or wait patiently for my respond. So thankful for the understanding!

Last evening, before cell group, I managed to squeeze in time to drop by #Hollyhoue to check out their new collection.

I was looking around and Bigman spotted this. Decided to give it a try & we both fell in love with this. It's rare for him to like my choice of clothing especially with my recent craze in embroidery.

I'm wearing S here & it fits me well with no "armpit fats" oozing out. This dress is lined so there's no need to worry about sheerness. I love how this dress flows too!!

MAEVE BASIC MIDI DRESS is available in navy, dust pink & white too. It's now available both online & in store too.

Another new arrival which I love a lot. For dust pink, the outlines of the pocket are very obvious so I picked navy instead.

Wearing M here because S is tight at the hip area. I prefer this to be slightly loose so that I am able to squat & run in it.


I didn't know that #EZBuy added a new function into their app. Now, we are able to view all the items that's being listed by our favourite #taobao seller with this function.

You'll be able to check out the <Seller Product> list in it.

I think it'll be great if they allow a filter function where we can filter the seller's items into clothing, accessories etc. I've found a seller that sells beautiful earrings but she has 3000 products under her product list. I gave up after 5 seconds because the product list is clustered with too many other items.

Carted these since there's free agent fee.

Bought a wrap top to try. This seems to be very in-trend & I'm loving the 2 similar pieces that I have at home.

Ever since I bought the pins back from Bangkok, I've been trying to find affordable ones in SG but my attempts have failed. Glad to spot this on TB, let's hope this doesn't disappoint,

I worn the 2 pairs of earring that I've bought from TB & they did not cause any issues for my sensitive skin. So I decided to cart more earrings since they are cheaper than those in SG.

Minimalist style which I like a lot. Let's hope the quality will be good.

Another purchase which I have high hope on. Something simple which can be worn for work too.

Bought the white one instead since most of my clothing are black. Hoping it'll be what I visualized it to be.

This necklace has a very unique chain, let's hope it'll look exactly like this & not something too off.

That's all I bought from EZBuy!

I do get sponsorship from ezbuy at times but for this post, it's not SPONSORED. I'm paying for it out of my own pocket & before ezbuy approached me, I've been writing & sharing about them.

With the many argumentative posts over sp, I guess it's best that I clarify.

Lunch was at my favourite hawker place. So sad that an organization is buying over the market.

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

Worn my #zara outfit out today. I think it's a little too low cut because I got quite a lot of stares. Bigman don't really like those stares hahaha!!

Took photo for an ice cream advert too. I love the green apple flavour from Gelatissimo, didn't know they have this sour flavour. I wanted to share the ice cream with Bigman but he doesn't like the sourness so it's all mine.

Changed into the #Hollyhoque outfit. Bigman loves how it amplifies on my leg & makes me look skinnier.

Craving for Scallop Mentaiyaki satisfied!!

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