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This color is too hard to resist. Size S fits nicely & there's no need to review such a wrapped top. Totally in love with this color, can't wait to wear this out.


Another embroidery top, same same but different. I need more of such "formal top" for work. Bigman doesn't understand why I'm into floral recently.


This is one item that I've been aiming but unwilling to pay the original price for it. Love this cotton romper a lot & it's actually a romper with a pair of shorts hidden. Wearing S here & it's actually quite loose on me but I guess it's meant to be worn this way.

I've been eyeing this too especially after spotting it on the mannequin at 313 outlet. S seems to be quite oversized on me & the sleeves are a little too long for me.

BUT, I'm keeping this still!! Going to wear it flare & oversized.


I'm hesitating if I should keep this white flare sleeve dress. In the end, decided to keep it. I think HollyHoque changed my perspective on white clothing. It's rare for me to have white clothing but now, it has became one of my favourite color.


You are not everybody's cup of TEA.

And this is okie.


I've seen too many "not so little" ones struggling with this self-worth issue. They want to be everybody's cup of tea. At their age, they want to be part of the popular group & they want everybody to accept them.

Even as adults or grown up, we struggle with our self worth too. And it can be an issue that many people face throughout their life.

How I wish I can tell all the "not-so-little" ones that they do not need to gain recognition from everybody.

Bigman has been knocking off early from work so he's been cooking dinner.

Feeling so blessed as a #dayrewife!

Sometimes I don't know how he can be so tolerating & giving in to my demands. I've lost my voice for almost a week & he's been cooking healthy dinner for me.

He cooked beef noodle with mushroom from scratch. It tasted so delish that I polished off the whole bowl.

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

Tonight's carrot & corn soup.

He even cooked kimchi pancake which tasted better than most K-restaurant.

Korean spicy noodle with 2 types of eggs.

Thanks for spoiling me rotten!!

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