Just want to say THANK YOU to those who have made a purchase from me from the $18 sales.

I still have a lot of old clothing which is too loose or I don't see myself wearing them. I'm too lazy to post them online so off they go to refash!

I survived #Lovebonito online sales.

Purchase only ONE purchase & it was paid by CN.

I have no time to head down to the store 😭.

Shall save 💰💰~


We didn't know that we have to apply for HLE before #HDB will give us a date for appointment to select our unit until we received the letter from them 5 days ago.

Bigman went online to do the application & yesterday, we got an appointment date in early July!

It's Happening!

We are having our OWN HOME soon!!

I'm being hopeful here. The units which we have shortlisted WILL BE AVAILABLE!!

I refused to think about the WHAT IF. Or rather we have made plans for either resale or EC for the WHAT IF. But I refused to think about it until our appointment date with HDB.

#LoveBonito just launched!
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I'm still doing shopping online despite the busyness at work.

Carted this #lovebonito dress in size S. PTP is not snug for me and I'm able to zip it up smoothly. I love the babydoll design and the pleated design at the chest area injected some "fun" to this dress. Glad I carted it in mustard instead of the usual dark color.

I've been wanting to try Gudetama! Last Sunday, we walked pass the cafe & there isn't any queue so we decided to have lunch here as a cell group.


We ordered "Straw Very Lazy" & "Hula Hula". They are actually sparkling soda with strawberry & mango flavours. I can't taste any rose tea in my mango sparkling infused with rose tea drink.

Our egg Benedict which tasted quite alright. We have a successful egg yolk oozing out from one egg while the other egg was overcooked. The portion is quite big & I shared this with Bigman.

Then came the problem. 2 of us from the lunch group ordered lobster soup in bread bowl & we waited for a good 30 minutes before we checked for our order. They told us we have to wait for it because they are preparing it.

We waited & after another good 20 minutes, ONE soup was being served. I offered it to my friend who didn't had any food yet. So I waited for another 10 minutes before checking on my soup. By now, mine was the last item that was not being served yet.

I was shocked when the person told me I have to wait for another 20-30 minutes.

You mean you need an hour to serve lobster soup in bread bowl? By the way, when the first soup was being served, neither the soup nor the bread is hot.

And I felt that they should have the courtesy to let us know that this dish requires a long waiting time instead of making me wait an hour? And I have to wait another 20-30mins for it?


Can I add that no apologies were given too.

Anyway, I have a new found love!

#Utena Premium Puresa Golden Jelly Mask.

My order arrived after 2 days of payment.


I've started using this for a month & the improvement on my skin is very obvious. I love to use different brands of facial mask because I believe that our skin will get use to something so you'll need to feed it with different things for the mask to work.

This mask isn't cheap but I love the result & how it brightens my skin & lighten spots. Let's hope after using all these, my skin will improve even more. And yes, I do need all these with the lack of sleep!!

Received my second batch of #TaoBao purchases via #Ezbuy

The fit is good, not too loose or too tight for me. Material is good too, like those that you'll get from LB & other blogshop. I love the details of this top too. Only downsize is that I wish it's more structured & color will be brighter.

Item Name: Real shot 2017 round neck short sleeve t shirt top simple t shirt summer dress fashion female Korean women's tide

URL: https://m.ezbuy.sg/product/http%3A%2F%2Fcastleblack.sg%3Fid%3D7090779%26_ezfs%3D17huo%26_ezgpid%3D7090779%26ezbuy%3Dezbuy?src=

My hair is very messy after a long day!

I ordered the white top but the black one arrived instead. I love how comfy this cotton tee felt when worn. It'll be a great tee for layering!

Item Name: Spring new Korean version of loose stamps long floral straps chiffon dress girls a-line skirt flows

URL: https://m.ezbuy.sg/product/http%3A%2F%2Fcastleblack.sg%3Fid%3D7090797%26_ezfs%3D17huo%26_ezgpid%3D7090797%26ezbuy%3Dezbuy?src=

How the dress looks like. The PTP is too small for me that I have difficulties wearing it in & taking it out. The cutting & design is so nice but it's too small for me 😭. Such a pity!

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