Survived my first week of official work!

Working on a Saturday morning for this week but I'm totally enjoying it.

The only complain that I have: I'm PHYSICALLY so tire.

I guess after slacking for 10 months, it'll take a while for the engine to restart and get back to the working mode.

Even thou I've been very busy, I'm shopping quite intensively online still 🙈.

In #Fashmob dress for the opening of Nikkie last night. I hesitated a little about this dress but ended up purchasing it because of my love for babydoll cutting.

This dress turns out to be nicer than I expected. The only downside is that the bell sleeve is slightly long for my arm.

Went to shop around after last night's event & saw this belt from #Zara. I've been searching around for a similar design but couldn't find any that I like.

It changes the feel of my dress immediately & I can't exactly say I like or dislike it. Posted this on my IG story & asked if I should get this. There's a balance number of Yay & Nay!

Tried on this pink top for the third time to show Bigman & he went "STOP". Since I can't wear it to work, I decided to drop the thoughts of getting this.

I carted this during restock too. I'm not sure why it seems to be so oversized on me. I wanted to return this but decided that I should keep it & layer it instead. The previous time when I tried this on, I didn't purchase it & I regretted it.


Giveaway of Sudio Sweden earphone in VASA BLÅ in Rose Gold Black happening on my IG(same handle as my Dayre). I've been more active over at IG(and IG story), so do check out the post for the giveaway.

I have another giveaway happening soon too, very thankful for the opportunities to work with brands that I love.

Outfit for Mother's Day last week for Bigman's family.

Top: #taobao via #ezbuy
Dungarees: #TheClosetLover

IG story has finally added the filter function.

I had some time to shop around before my next event. Went to try this & bagged it home without thinking much. This is such a beautiful ombré dress & I know there's another blogshop that carry a similar design. I prefer this quality & design over theirs.

S is slightly loose but overall the fit is good. This is lined so it's not sheer at all. Best part, there's a 15% off with UOB card.

Finally step foot into #Lovebonito after not doing so for 2 weeks.

Tried this top & don't fancy how it looks on me. The material is structured & lined so it's not sheer at all even for light color. I'm wearing S here & it fits nicely.

I've been wanting to try this for very long!! S fits well but it's too revealing for me at the bust area.

Tried on this dress in S. The sleeve makes my arm looks fat & I'll prefer it to be sleeved. The front design of this dress looks good but I don't think I carry it well.

Tried on this dress in S & it fits me snugly. Felt so tempted to get this but I don't see much mileage in this. White is not sheer because it's lined.

I love this essential dress a lot. Wearing S here & there's still allowance but I'm comfortable with it being slightly loose. Material is very soft & I love how comfortable & light this knit dress felt.

Bagged this home!!

Went to #hollyhoque too!

This emerald green jumpsuit is love but S is too snug for me. I love the cutting of it too.

I bagged home this top too. It's different from the previous embroidery top.

The material for this top is more structured & the cutting is of a slimmer cut as compared to the soft material from the previous version. This top can be worn for work too, yayness to that.


White top which is too sheer. Thought of getting this to wear for a beach holiday but it'll be very hot to be in long sleeve.

I love this dress a lot but even XS is so oversized on me. Can they produce this in a smaller cutting??

I'm very excited to spot this maxi shirt dress in mermaid cut in the store but like the previous dress, XS is too oversized for me too. I have seen a few similar designs on ASOS but the prices are twice of this. I'm not sure if they will turn out to be oversized too.

And this, it was love at first sight. Girlfriend gave me the 😱 look but she changed her mind when she saw me wearing it. Bagged this home & I can't wait to wear this out.

It felt good to be out doing some physical shopping. I guess weekends are very precious now since I'm working.

Preview of Dragon Battle at DBS Regatta.

I've always love water sports that require team work & dragon boat has got to be one of my favourite.

I had the chance to preview the Dragon Battle at SMU today before the actual event happens at MBS from 01-04 June. To be honest, I regretted a lot that I did not bring a set of change to join in the fun. I'm considering if I should just join in the dragon boating event next week at the actual Regatta preview by DBS for bloggers.

Dropping into the sea/river is different from dropping into this mini swimming pool.

What I'm wearing today! I've work in the morning so I can't wear too casual for the event.

I love the logo here.

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