Sudio Sweden

Earpiece is an important essential in today’s life. This is an essential item that I will bring along with me because I enjoy music while commuting around. I have a smaller ear hole which leads to uncomfortness when it comes to in-ear earpiece but for Sudio Sweden, they included 4 pairs of extra sleeves in various sizes to suit different people.

When I was returning from Bintan, the ferry was packed with 2 tourist groups & that equates to noise. I wanted to rest so I took this out & to my pleasant, this earpiece is able to cancel out 90% of the noise. The sound is clear & I’m able to enjoy my Lala Land soundtrack in peace while taking my rest. Unlike wired earpiece, I don’t have to worry about how this wireless earphone will tangle while I’m resting. I’m so pleased with my VASA BLÅ in Rose Gold Black

The kind people from Sudio Sweden sent an extra set of earphone over in the exact Black & Rose gold that I’m using in the above photo.  Do head over to my Instagram(@mandalogy21) to join my giveaway. You can purchase any earphone & enjoy a 15% off when you quote <mandalogy> too. Head over to Sudio Sweden now to check out the whole collection. 

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