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Glamping – The Canopi Bintan

We took a ferry from Singapore over to Bintan from Tanah Merah Terminal. It was my first time taking ferry to Bintan & I’m impressed by how stable the ride was despite the storm. I have serious motion sickness & I remembered my first ferry experience to Batam in a smaller ferry was horrible. Bigman booked tickets of the bigger ferry for us & it was such a smooth journey with no motion sickness or any uncomfortable feeling. Thank God for ginger pill too, it tends to work for me.

The Canopi is located 5 minutes away from the terminal & they have shuttle bus to fetch you to the resort. When we arrived, the bus has not arrived but the people from other resort helped us to give The Canopi a call. The lady kept apologising for being late in fetching us. Rooms will be available for Check-in from 3pm. You can request for an early Check-in but you have to pay a fee for that. We headed over to the only restaurant in the resort, Patio, for lunch. For food wise, it tasted reasonably nice but price is a little steep. But I guess since we are in a resort, paying SGD40 for Mee Goreng & Beef Rendang is still reasonable right?

It started pouring after lunch but we proceeded to check in at 3pm. The staff was kind enough to provide us with 2 umbrellas so that we can walk to our tent. When you checked in, you will be given an orange watch where you bill everything(from food to the activities) to it. You will be given a guest tag which you have to wear it on too. We saw 2 non guests sneaking in to swim & they ended up being escorted out from the resort. Outsiders have to pay a fee to enter the resort & use the facilities too.

Thank God the rain stopped at 5pm. We managed to catch the sunset on time before catching a shuttle bus over to Plaza Lagoi. Do check the bus timing so that you can plan your day in advance. Over at Plaza Lagoi, there is nothing much to do except for the view at Lagoi beach located at Lagoi bay. The Plaza itself do not have much shopping or food available. There are 3-4 massage shops in the Plaza itself but prices are the same as Singapore so we decided to give it a skip. Dinner was at a small cafe located near the beach & the authentic Indonesia dinner tasted really good. I would recommend dinner at this place if you intend to head to Lagoi area for a walk or to check it out.

We happened to spot another Singaporean couple who took the bus out with us. We chatted a little before we decided to share a cab back at SGD11. The shuttle bus will come to pick us in 2 hours time and the place is far too bored so we decided to go ahead & pay SGD3 each to head back and relax.  


Day Two was fun because the sun is out. We had our breakfast with pool view before we went to rent the e-scooter. The pricing for E-Scooter is 1 hour for IDR150k, 6 hours for IDR350k & 13 hours for IDR420k. Bigman wanted to rent for 12 hours but I was worried that I might not like the scooter ride & we ended up wasting money. So we paid for 6 hours & I regretted after riding a round on it. The maximum speed of this e-scooter is at 20kph. Bigman do not have a bike license but he knows how to ride a bike. He is so good with it that I even agreed to head out of the resort for some adventure. Do note that rider needs to wear helmet when you are out of the resort & I had mine on too. There is a basket at the front of the scooter for you to put your items in.

It was fun to be out on the empty road, blasting music on our phone & enjoy the wind hitting our face. We didn’t dare to stop by the road to take photos because it’s a single lane & other vehicles are traveling at quite high speed. We passed by some really nice road & it was a beautiful experience with him. We wanted to head over to Nirwana Garden to enjoy their beach but we got a little lost so we decided to head back after being out for an hour.

We went back to the resort to enjoy the man-made sea & sand with our flamingo. Do note that the beach in Bintan has Jellyfish & I have a friend who got injured before. I am quite glad that the sea area in The Canopi is actually manmade sea where they still use filtered sea water for you to experience what a sea feels like. The lagoon area is very big. Towards the center area, the water is very deep & I do not dare to venture too far in because the water is deep enough to drown a person. So for those who wants to swim and experience the sea, lagoon bay is still a place for you to come and have fun with the depth and length. It was too hot so after an hour in the sun, we went back to wash up & took our e-scooter for another ride outside the resort before rushing back to catch the sunset. We head to the nearby market but we ordered BBQ for the night so we do not have a chance to try the local bintan market food. The place is very nearby, about 10 minutes ride. Do ask the resort person for more details.  

I was quite scared initially during the BBQ due to the bugs & insects but after a while, they went into hiding due to the heat. It was fun enjoying BBQ with the nice view of the moon & resort. Bigman did most of the cooking & it was quite an experience. We took our e-scooter out for a night ride around the resort before heading back to rest. The sky looks threatening with lightning & thunder. We wanted to chill around the resort but decided it is best to hide in our comfortable tent.  

Day three is a head-home day. We took our e-scooter out for a last tour around our resort before returning it. We wanted to venture out of the place but it started pouring & the sky looks threatening for us to head anywhere. It started pouring when we were having breakfast so thank God we did not venture out.  

We check out at 10.30am to catch an early ferry back because the check out timing is 11.30am. If we knew that there are things to do around, we would have opted for a later timing.

Overall, this glamping experience has been fun. One thing to take note is that the food taken in the drawer are brought over by us and not provided by the resort. There are food stalls available at the activity center & prices are more reasonable there. And I’ll advise you to take the 12hours booking for scooter if you or your company knows how to ride a bike. I’m thankful for Bigman who can ride the bike so well that I became adventurous & we got a little lost around the island. The view & scenery outside of the resort is great & I enjoyed my rides with him. 

We will definitely be back again to do more water sports & explore out of the resort. Let’s hope the next time when we are back, it’ll be sunny days awaiting for us instead of the storm & rain.

Thanks HollyHoque for sponsoring my DAY ONE outfit. And to Lucido-L, thanks for sending the argan oil Serum over. It kept my hair healthy & in good condition after exposure to sun, sea & sand. 

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