I'm so excited about what's happening today. Can't wait to have a good sleep & wake up for new adventure.

Can't wait to spend the next few days fully with Bigman again before I start my work next Monday.

Not too hard to guess what I'm going to do right???

Good Morning!

Off to chase sunset. And yes, off for an impromptu holiday.

#mandytravellog #dayretravel

Bigman & momma got so amused by how much stuff I brought for a short trip. Been a while since we had any beach/resort holiday so I'm super excited about it.

So I went around shopping happily for this trip & Bigman practically 🙈 at his wife.

First time at this place with a charming view. Such a pity that it's raining here. I'm praying for the rain to stop so that the ferry ride won't be too overwhelming for me.

Crossing my finger that ginger pills will help me curb my motion sickness for the ride later.

Waiting to board the ferry!

Look at the sea 😱.

I've very serious motion sickness so I hope I'll sleep through the whole ride & not experience any motion sickness.

Sigh, one of the main reasons why I don't like to take ferry to nearby but this is trip is too last min and we can't find reasonable prices to fly anywhere.

Goodbye SG!

Arrived safely & I didn't expect the ferry ride to be so smooth.

Current view at the resort. It's drizzling here, praying for the rain to stop so that we can go do some activities.

Everything is so expensive in a resort but it's good to have a beach/resort holiday.

My mee goreng which tasted quite good. The food here ain't as bad as what the reviews mentioned.

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

Bigman's Beef Rendang which tasted quite good too. But he's complaining the rice portion is too small.

Outfit for today c/o #HollyHoque. This pair of shorts is so comfy, why did it take me so long to spot it??


Finally made it to our TENT.

Brown curtain covering our door.

Sofa bed.

Outdoor bathroom which I fancy a lot but Bigman totally don't like the idea.

Shower area.

We take our "camping" seriously so we brought along with us all these food & drink.

Spot me & Momma Shine on #LoveBonito forefront this week. And yes, I would love to give sky diving a try if I have NO fear.

Finally found this chips in Bintan. I went to Bangkok twice & failed to find this.

Changed into a babydoll top c/o #HollyHoque & tied up my hair. All ready to chase after sunset but it's still raining here. Praying that the rain will clear at 5pm!

Wearing #HollyHoque here.

We left our tripod in the room 😭. Shall make do with wefie for tonight.

Breathtaking view at the beach.

Lagoi Bay has a love lock area too.

Dinner was at this little shop located near the plaza.

Bigman's mango smoothie & my coconut lemon splash.

Our authentic Indonesia dinner. I love their dishes a lot, the chili is very spicy but it feels so shiok to be eating it. This meal cost us SGD16 which I think is quite reasonable.

Our flamingo is up, can't wait to bring it out for some fun time tmr.

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