Dropped by #LoveBonito & they only have a few items in the store for me to try on.

Tried this off shoulder top & I don't like the cutting at all. There's no more S left on the rack so I took M to try. It's quite oversize & loose.

It looks like it's going to drop anytime!! Material is very stiff & I don't fancy the design.

Tried this eyelet dress & I love the cutting a lot. M is the smallest size available on rack but it's too loose on me too. If I were to get, I'll need an S.

I'm not sure if I need this or there's mileage for this. Should I?

Details of the eyelet trim!

Tried S for this peplum top & it fits nicely. I don't like such chiffon material so I'm skipping this.

Went over to #HollyHoque too! It's like a must-go place for me whenever I'm in town.

They have this basic shirt available in 4 colors(navy, black, camel & white). I picked the white top to try & I fell in love with it immediately. It's slightly sheer but I think nude undergarment will solve this.

Goes well with jeans or shorts. I can imagine this being my lazy top for weekends.

Next is this babydoll puffy sleeve top! I love this top a lot & I think it goes well with most bottoms!

Look at the puffy sleeve, so much love for the details on it.

What I worn!

Top from #TheTinselRack which I like a lot. Bigman is not a prints person but he complimented that this top looks nice.

Worn my #LoveBonito geordie top out again but this time round, the PINK top!

Paired it with shorts for a casual look. I'll miss my casual outfit once I start working.

Should I keep or return this dress? It fits with allowance but I think the cold Shoulder part is slightly weird & seems to amplify my fat arms.

#LoveBonito restocked!
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Carted this!!

Collaboration with #LuxeMono.

They send over a pouch of my choice & I didn't expect the packaging to be so luxe. Now I know why they have the word LUXE in their name.

This will make a great gift with the box & packaging. I love it when I purchase something & the packaging is so nice.

I chose their black signature pouch because the other colors are all Out Of Stock. And yes, their items are very popular & tend to get OOS.

With every purchase of their item, you can customized it with a personalized monogram of your initial. The gold monogram looks so pretty in real life.

#TYJ 🙂

Love the size & feel of the pouch.

With the pouch which I carried out today. I'm able to put my card holder, handphone, lipgloss & lipcare into it so it's very functional despite it looking quite small.

Collaboration with #Klasse14.

Quote <mandalogy> to enjoy 12% off.

Their new packaging for the launch of their new collection: Miss Volare.

My second collaboration with them. Previously, I've gotten a rainbow watch from them & when I wear it out, I'll receive compliment for it. Love their unique designs a lot.

Fresh from the box.

Introducing their new series, Miss Volare.

Dropped by #Theclosetlover too.


This top caught my attention but I don't fancy this shade of pink/blush.

Prefer to wear it as off shoulder!

The black version is nice. S fits better as compared to M here.

Closed up of the top!

Dropped by #temtSG too! Looking for some summer wear for my holiday.

Is this floral dress nice? I like it a lot but Bigman thinks it's not nice.

I like this floral romper too. Should I?

Tried this top too!

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