I'm thankful for Labour day even thou I'm not working full time yet.

Public holiday means having Bigman by my side & being able to spend time with me. I'm a needy wife ever since I stopped working 10 months ago.

To be honest, after such a long break, it feels a little scary to be heading back on track to a full time job. I wish I could continue my break but I guess it's time to resume my responsibility as an adult.


Back to Whisk & Paddles at Punggol for brunch on Saturday with Bigman. I love the ambiance a lot, very chillax & it's not far from home.

Worn my #HollyHoque top out again but this time round I paired it with shorts for a more casual look.

It started pouring shortly so we headed home. My plan was to take a walk around the area & perhaps head over to Punggol end for a chillax Saturday night but the rain dampens the mood.

My lychee mint cooler & Bigman's mango peach smoothie.

My clam chowder soup which tasted quite good. There is a generous serving of clams in the soup too. I love it when places serve bread in a stick form instead of the usual bread.

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

Back for their crabmeat linguine & I felt that the standard has dropped quite a lot. It tasted better last week when I'm having brunch with my girlie.

Bigman's egg Benedict with mushroom & waffles. We forgot to take a photo of it so here's a short clip of how the egg yolk flows out.

Worn #LoveBonito geordie top paired with #TheEditorsMarket pants for an advert that I did. Love this white top a lot.

Received this LB cold shoulder dress. Bigman said that it looks a little weird on me. Should I keep or return??

S fits with a lot of allowance & I guess the cutting of this dress is much bigger than the previous series.

On Sunday night, we went to Timbre+ for the first time with my God-son.

Live band playing. I'm so happie that they actually played Yellow by Coldplay because I dedicated the song!!

Bigman with our Batman for the night! He's into superhero and his favourite is SpiderMan.

"Where's my FOOD?"

Dancing crab shack that we ordered.

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

Salted Egg wings from The Wings. I quite like the sauce but Bigman thinks there's not enough salted egg flavour.

The sides from Dancing Crab. I tried the beer battered mushroom once & fell in love with it. Ordered this for my friends & Bigman to try & they love it too.

For once, I'm Happie that I'm a Gold card member because we get to purchase the item at midnight.

This means I'll need to camp #Sephora website for this 20% discount tonight. I've started adding items into wishlist & I think this discount comes at the right time because my skin care is running low.

I'm looking for something to shrink my pores too. Anybody has any recommendation?



#LoveBonito just launched!
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Carted this!!

What I worn for Labour day's lunch & grocery shopping. Loving this #TheTinselRack romper with my #Adidas shoe.

On Labour day, I decided to be domestic & cook a meal for Bigman.

I'm not ashamed to say that Bigman is the cook at home and he's very domestic while I'm not. He enjoys the cooking while I enjoy his eating, there's nothing wrong with it. I don't see why women must be the one cooking while the men just sit around & wait for food? If he enjoys doing it & finds pleasure, by all means please do the cooking. And this doesn't mean that I can't cook if I want to.

So here I am, a rare blue moon day where I decided to be a domestic wife.


I marinated Tom yum chicken wing & thank God for oven in our modern day. This is a very simple dish where I just had to get wings & Tom yum sauce, place them into the oven and I'm done.

On its way to being edible.

My Tom yum chicken wing is ready. I'm glad Bigman loves this dish a lot. I'm also thankful to NTUC for selling mid wings & it spared me the agony to chop any chicken.

White button mushroom for my "veg dish".

Adding in my favourite baby corn & another mushroom too. I don't like greens so my veg dish is filled with mushroom instead.

Thank God for Happy Call!

I added in butter & garlic as my base. Personally, I prefer to use butter than oil. I love how my garlic turns brown after minutes of cooking.

I added the baby corn to cook for 2 minutes before adding in the other 2 types of mushroom. Covered the lid and let it simmer for 5 minutes before adding in a spoon of oyster sauce. I'm worried that it might be too blend hence decided to add in oyster sauce.

Ready to be served. I pour this onto our Chinese vermicelli & it tasted quite good. Bigman thinks this is a little weird with baby corn in it but I love how the baby corn added crunchiness to this dish.

My Yong tofu soup base. In my house, we don't like to use MSG cube or even soy sauce for flavouring. It's always ikan bilis, dried shrimp, dried scallop & all for soup. I'm not sure how much is needed & since I don't allow Bigman to help me, this portion is based on estimation.

Our Yong tofu.

Letting it cook over slow fire.

This turns out to be perfect & full of flavour. Momma's expensive scallop & ingredients do help to enhance the taste of this soup. I guess nothing can goes wrong with such good ingredients.

Our dinner of 2 dishes with a soup & a small bowl of Chinese vermicelli each.

How I paired the mushroom dish with my vermicelli.

I didn't expect myself to be enjoying cooking even thou it's quite tiring. Thank God for Bigman who helped a little with the washing & stuff.

I told him, I want to try cooking again. Shall go hunt for some easy dishes to try out.

I'm on the way home from 2-hours of dodgeball fun. I didn't expect it to be so fun & it's not as scary as I imagined it to be.

Managed to learn some tips from some the national players & they are so nice to me. I think they felt very tempted to smack the ball at me but after looking at my fearful face, they decided to spare me!

20% sales begin for Gold card member. Simply key in <GOLD> to enjoy the 20% off.


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