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CulinaryOn cooking class

I hesitated a little when I was invited by Cindy to join her for a cooking class. I thought it’ll be fun to see what actually happens in the kitchen especially when we get to make pasta from scratch. We were greeted by the friendly staffs from CulinaryOn SG. our class begin with the DOs and DONTs in the kitchen. Our teacher for that day was Chef Daniel. He is very funny and humorous but at the same time very professional and patient too. He even taught me how to hold a knife the correct way so that I can have more control over it. 

Our first dish was Salad with spinach and crispy bacon slices where we got to do our own salad dressing, cut our own tomatoes, fried our bacon & plate our own salad. I was a little nervous but Chef Daniel helped to ease me a lot by being very encouraging. This helps to make me feel more at ease especially when I am a total newbie in the kitchen.

Our second dish was Semifreddo with Orange and Pistachios. I love pistachios & it’s hard to find nice pistachios ice cream in Singapore. I got all excited when Chef Daniel took out the pistachio paste and told us we are making pistachios ice cream! 

We made ice cream from scratch using flour, sugar & cream. After we blend them well, Chef took out liquid nitrogen & added it into the blend to form ice cream! We were excited like kids when we saw the effect of liquid nitrogen added into the blend. After we are done with the ice cream, we juice the oranges & melt the gelatin into it. After we are done, we left the orange juice to cool down before adding it on top of the ice cream. 


Our last dish for the day was Pasta with Salmon and Zucchini. We made the pasta from scratch. It was fun mixing the 2 flours & eggs together to make the dough. We kneaded the dough until it was ready before we made use of the machine to flatten our dough & cut it into spaghetti. 

It felt so good to be able to eat the pasta that we had made. Chef Daniel taught us some tips such as cooking the pasta in salty water so that the pasta can be flavourful. For pasta with salmon, add in the salmon towards the end so that the salmon will not be overcooked. 

With that, I ended my first cooking class which was fun & enriching. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting a cooking class to be so fun & enjoyable.

If you are keen, you may head over to CulinaryOn to check out other courses. You are able to use your SkillsFuture to pay for the classes too. I might sign up for another class using my SkillsFuture credit too. 

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