👱🏻‍♀️: I'm special because my parents are separated. I kind of don't like being special.

Dear darling, you are not special because of that. You are special because you are still smiling & staying strong in the midst of it.

🙆🏻: Good afternoon Miss Pretty. Can I call you Miss Pretty?

😴: I want to be a doctor because I want to invent a medicine to cure sleepiness. My classmates laughed at me & my teachers always scold me. I'm the sleepy head.

P.S: I caught her sleeping at least 5 times between my 8am-5pm class.

👧🏻: I want to become a mermaid when I grow up so that people will applause for me.

Dear girl, you've watched too much Korean dramas.

👦🏻: I want to be a YouTuber who teaches swimming. It's so cool to swim & talk at the same time.

Yes boy, I shall see your name 10 years later in the social media world! But first, please learn to keep quiet & listen up in class.

👮: My dream is to be a police investigator so that I can solve ALL the crime in Singapore.

Good dream my dear boy but there isn't much cases of what you've watched in CSI happening in Singapore. But still, study hard for your science!!

😭: I want to thank my momma who's in heaven now. I'll study hard & make you proud of me.


👩🏻: XX, look at how I suck water with the straw. Look at my mouth shape, 😮.
👶🏻: 😗😬🤥😧😲
👩🏻: It's alright, come let us do it again. Look at how I do it.
👶🏻: "proceeds to blow instead of sucking water*

After 10 minutes:

👶🏻: 😮😮😮😮
👩🏻: O mine, you are such a Clever boy! You managed to drink a mouth of water from the straw today. Let's try again tmr okie?

***Something as simple as blowing or drinking with straw requires many many many hours of training for a boy with speech issue. 💔

👧🏻: Can I have your mobile number?
👩🏻: Why do you want my number?
👧🏻: I like to talk to you. When I need help I can find you MAH~
👩🏻: But I don't want to talk to you after class is over **giggles**. I'm not supposed to give my mobile number to you all.
👧🏻: How about instagram? I private message you LAH~
👩🏻: Oh! I don't have instagram.
👧🏻: 😱! You live in dinosaur age AH?
👩🏻: 😉

Please put in more effort in your math rather than finding people to chit chat with!!

👩🏻: Your intelligence level is not determined by the physical size of your head or brain. It's about how much effort you put in to study & how you make use of your brain.
👦🏻: Wah cher, now I know why XX's head so big but yet so stupid.
POOR XX: OIE, why you call me stupid. You then stupid lah. Head so small.
👦🏻: See cher, he don't understand what you just said. Oie, size doesn't matter leh.
👩🏻: 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

Both of you get a good scolding & warning from me but in actual fact, I turned around & LOL.

👩🏻: Ben Carson was the last in his school all the way from Grade 1 to Grade 5. When he reached Grade 6, he decided to work hard & fulfill his dream as a doctor. Despite being the last in school & getting mocked at for his dream, he worked hard & now he's a renowned neurosurgeon.
👦🏻: I should have heard this story earlier so that I don't need to study so hard from P1 to P5, just study hard this year for PSLE then can be doctor LIAO.
👩🏻: 😲😱

Hello boy, the moral of this story is NEVER GIVE UP on your dream and not NEVER STUDY also can fulfill your dream.

👩🏻: The elderly in XX does not have much interaction with their children or grandchildren. Many of them are lonely so they are happy & excited that you guys are doing something for them. Now, think of what you can do to improve the life of these elderly.
👦🏻: Can we know where their children live or who their children are?
👩🏻: Why do you need to know?
👦🏻: So that we can help the elderly catch them & bring them to the old folk's home.
👧🏻: Wah smart idea XX, this is a good plan.
👩🏻: 😅😅😅

It touches my heart when I see the class quieten down, thinking and sharing about who they want to help openly. It always surprises me when some of the naughty ones became serious for that moment & shared their thoughts about how they want to build a home to feed the poor or elderly.

👩🏻: Now, share with me how you felt when you stood in front of the group & gave your speech?
👦🏻: *Raise his hand* It's my first time speaking in my 4 years in XX Primary School. It felt as thou I sat on a roller coaster & I've fallen to my death from it.
👩🏻: 🤥 That's a very detailed description but was it that negative.
👦🏻: YES. Negative & exciting. Oh I felt as thou it's the last day of my life too!!

I felt so happy when every individual of them(35) came up & gave their individual speech.

👩🏻: I won't be coming back for the next 2 lessons.
👧🏻👧🏻👦🏻👦🏻👱🏻‍♀️👱🏻‍♀️: WHY~~
👩🏻: I'm too fierce & stern, you all don't want to see me so I don't want to come back too.
👱🏻‍♀️: That's because we are too naughty that's why you are fierce. And we want to see you again because you give us sweets.
👩🏻: You want to see me or my sweets.
👧🏻👧🏻👦🏻👦🏻👱🏻‍♀️👱🏻‍♀️: BOTH

So now I know bribery works well for little ones. But nope, I'm not going back still. Have a great time of lesson with your new teacher.

👧🏻: Cher, how old are you?
👩🏻: You guess??
👦🏻: Walao, you all girls always say age sensitive then now you ask cher?
👧🏻: You don't bluff, you also kapo right that's why you stand here.
👦🏻: 😝! Cher, so how old are you?
👩🏻: 🙄🙄. Go back to your seats. My age has nothing to do with you all.
👧🏻👦🏻: Whispers to each other.
👧🏻: 19?
👦🏻: 20?
👧🏻: 23?
👦🏻: Oie we said increase 1 year at a time leh.
👩🏻: LOL-ed

And nope, I didn't tell them my age at all hahaha!

👧🏻: Come teacher come.
**Proceeded to pull my hand and forced me up on the mini gym slide with her.
👧🏻: You help me keep the color balls in my castle. You hide them & wait for me k?
👩🏻: Sure.
👧🏻: **Ran down to ransack the rest of the areas & came back with more color balls.
👧🏻: Here here, take.
👩🏻: XX, why do you want so many color balls in your castle? You have a lot of it. Shall we sit here & play with them?
👧🏻: Okay. You stay here with me okay?

It touches my heart when a girl who has autism opens up & started sharing her castle with me after a short 30 minutes of interaction. Warms my heart even when she gave me a hug when I said goodbye to her. Thanks for letting me know that you are so sensitive to emotions & that you felt my love for you. Continue to explore the world in your own way my special child. Don't let the world define or label you.

This could be the only post about them, the little & not so little ones who made my heart pumps really hard or drops at times.

They made me feel alive, give me the strength to conquer all negativity that I'm facing or even brightening up my day when I'm not feeling emotionally strong. They have this magic power in them.

Thanks for letting me know that I'm on the right path no matter which option I'll be choosing. You made me a happier person.

I hope this post will serve as a reminder to myself that in future no matter how tough things will get, I'll look at this post & be reminded why I took on this journey.

With love,
Ms Amanda

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