Loving this top from #LoveBonito. I think it'll look nicer when paired with shorts.

It's rare for me to buy a skirt but this skirt from #TheClosetLover caught my attention!

Love the design of it. I've tried it in the store before and did a review on the previous post.

Only downside that I did not realized is that you can't pair this with a thick material top. It'll create a line at the waist area showing the extra tucked in top. Will have to pair this with either a cropped top or thin material top.


Carted this from #LoveBonito! Regretted not getting vermillion too.

Tried my M & it seems to be fitting at PTP but quite loose at the waist area. Shall try it again with a proper bra to see how it goes. No matter what, I won't let this go.

Bigman was home when I tried this & he said this dress is nice!! Anybody letting go of vermillion S/M??

I've been looking around for another pair of sneakers for a long time. Decided to get this when #ASOS has 20% off.

I went to local store to check out the price, it's retailing at SGD139. I got it at SGD98 bucks with 3.5% rebate from #ShopBack.

You know that your husband loves you a lot when he saw this & send it to you.

Hello Bigman, I know you are reading this. Will you sponsor me the other 90% 🙈🙉🙊.

Attended #AnyaHindmarch Launch!

Wearing their signature eyes bag. Would have consider getting 1 if it's just a normal leather bag without the fur.

Gold & Silver packet hand clutch!

Another signature of this brand, the smiley face!!

Their latest launch for this season. I love the details on the bag, it's simple but classy.

They have sticker shop whereby you are able to choose the sticker & stick it permanently to their leather bag. You'll get a customized bag with your own choice of leather bag & sticker.

Their furry series which looks so adorable!

They have this very interesting canapés. The gel look alike on the canapés are actually compressed sauce & fruits!

Details for today!!

#LoveBonito just launched!
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Rushed over to #Elle masterclass in Ion after that.

First stop was SEEK, located at B4 of Ion.

They carry shoes from many brands & you'll be able to find Adidas, Nike, New Balance etc in there.

I was chosen by Furqan to try on the black Puma shoe. He went on bended knees to help me with the shoes & the girls went DOTS!!

Photo credit: @sodapopp

I've my eyes set on this pair of blush New Balance shoe but it's not for running. My shoe cabinet is exploding & this means no new pair of shoe until our house come!

Second stop was Ted Baker, another personal favourite brand of mine!

While the girls are looking at the bag & clothing, I had my eyes on this instead!!

Ain't this a lovely pair of shoe? I'm not sure why this seems to be a night of SHOEs.

Another beautiful pair!

Lunch today was at #DancingCrab

Lavender lemonade which tasted so nice.

Battered mushroom which I love a lot.

Our lobster combo with clams, corn & sausages. We went for the Dancing crab sauce Spicy version. I find the pepper taste too overwhelming, still prefer Cajon on Wheels.

Dropped by #TheTinselRack to try on clothing!

Tried this cropped off shoulder top & I love it a lot. XS fits nicely but there's no more new piece for it so I took S instead.

Don't think I carry pink well so opted for black.

There's only M size left for this slip on basic dress & it's too loose on me. No more S & XS for me to try too.

#OOTD for today. Loving my SGD8 cape top from Bangkok. Pairing it with the bf jeans from #Uniqlo & it's too oversized for me. Should have down 1 more size for it.

Dropped by #TheEditorsMarket too.

Tried this dress which looks like a PJ!

I love this high waist navy pants a lot. S fits nicely & I bagged it home. The original price is SGD39 but when I'm at the counter, a girl asked if I'm keen to combine purchases with her and I agreed. Ended up paying SGD29 for it.

I went to #TheSocialFoot to check out this pair of #Reebok shoe.

Look so adorable in real life but not practical.

Tried on the purple pair & got so tempted. Should I??

Will it be too over???!

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