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It’s no secret that I love to shop <TaoBao> a lot. 

In the past, I used to avoid shopping on <TaoBao> because of the hassle in reading Chinese words or the fear that items might be damaged. I’m not good in Chinese & it can get overwhelming to shop on a website filled with Chinese words. When my secondary school friend introduced <ezbuy> to me, it opens up the a whole new world of Online Shopping in my life. 
ezbuy is on both webpage & mobile platform. For both platform, they are easy to use & allow everyone to enjoy a hassle free TaoBao shopping. Want to learn how to enjoy the hassle free TaoBao shopping via ezbuy? Read on to find out how you can do so even if you can’t type or write Chinese or do an image search. 

Before you start shopping, you can download ezbuy mobile application. Personally, I prefer to use the mobile app to shop. 

If you are new to ezbuy, click on <HERE> to sign up for an account & get SGD10 credit.

Once you have signed up for an account, you can begin shopping. 

ezbuy is a very easy to use platform. If you want to search for any items, just key in the keywords at the search bar and items with that keyword will be display. 

You may browse through the items being displayed & add the item that you like into your shopping cart. For ezbuy, the shipping & agent cost will be shown & this eliminates the worries of unknown & unexpected shipping cost. As a buyer, you can decide for yourself if you are comfortable with the shipping price instead of being worried if you need to pay additional fees.

There will be an Estimated Arrival Date shown too. Instead of waiting aimlessly, you will know when the item will arrive too. It can help you decide if you want to purchase the item via ezbuy or get it from somewhere else. More than that, there is only ONE payment that is required as both your product & shippint price is reflected when you CHECK-OUT.  

I bought these beanies & they arrived on time for my Winter trip to Europe in December. It’s cheaper than getting them in those winter wear shop. They kept me warmth & yet looking stylish. 

I know many people are concerned with the quality of the clothing or having to deal with Defected items. With ezbuy, they will do the job of checking for defects & ensure that you receive the items in good condition. If there are any defects, they will be liaising with the TaoBao seller. 

Below are some of my purchases from TaoBao via ezbuy.

Do you know that apart from searching for keyword, ezbuy has prepared recommendations for buyers too. Some of the items above are bought from the recommendations & I have to say, they have some of the best recommendations! You can click into some of the recommendations such as Best Seller or Weekly Featured Brands. 

Have you been in a situation where you love a certain item but not willing to pay a high price for it? You have heard how TaoBao sells everything but it can be tough to search for the item on TaoBao or ezbuy too. 

Here is a quick tutorial of how you can search item via images and use BUY FOR ME function!


Open up TaoBao app on your mobile and click on the camera logo beside the search bar.


Select the icon with the word <相册> and select the image of the item that you are looking for. 


Select the item that you want & click on the <分享> icon, copy the link by clicking on <复制链接>.


Open up your ezbuy app & paste the link in to search for the item. The item will display & you can decide if you want to use BUY FOR ME function to get the item.

If you are new or hesitant about using ezbuy, now is the time for you to try it out. In the month of April, you will get to enjoy FREE AGENT FEE too. If you want to enjoy a flat rate shipping, you can sign up for PRIME SHIPPING. For SGD99.00, you can enjoy unlimited SGD2.99 shipping for your purchase. 

Remember to sign up via HERE to get a SGD10 credit for your first purchase from ezbuy.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post but with the content & opinion being mine. 

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