At the dentist early on a Monday morning to polish balance my tooth.

Dropped by #LoveBonito

First item to try on is Geordie midi dress. When it was first launched, I set my eyes on it but I hesitated because of the pricing. When I decided I wanted to get it, it was OOS. Couldn't find any BN pieces on Carousell so I was quite upset. When they did an restock, I quickly carted the navy piece.

Tried it on at the store & felt so happie I managed to get the navy piece. Carted M instead of S because PTP is just nice even thou there's quite a lot of allowance at waist. S will be too small!

#LoveBonito just launched!
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Next item that I tried was this sleeved peplum top which is a new item this week.

S fits nicely but I don't really fancy the soft material of this top. It'll be nicer if it's more structured to give the peplum design.

I think the green version looks nicer on me. And I prefer it without the sash. I will put on a thin belt instead of using the sash.

Should I cart this forest green piece?? Or just skip it??

Tried this Oriel long top over my Geordie midi dress. It's almost the same length as the midi dress.

It has a very high slit which goes all the way up to my waist. I guess you'll have to pair this with a pair of shorts to make it nice? Or will it be weird to be wearing a long midi top with such a high slit?

Tried this restock piece on too. S fits nicely but I don't like the arm/sleeve part. It feels very restrictive on me. I'm not sure if I'm someone who always have big movements so I felt very restrictive in this or that my arms are too fat for this!!

Tried this too & I don't think I carry this very well. But I do love the thick and structured material used in this. I can't find any S so tried on M which fits well with slight allowance.

Next stop was #TheClosetLover.


Tried the basic mustard swing top & the floral shorts.

S fits well for the top but I have a lot of such basic tops which I've not been wearing.

I took M for the shorts & it fits well. This pair of shorts have pockets too!! I think it'll goes well with those plain tops that I have in my wardrobe so I bagged this home!!

I carted this new skirt last night during the launch but I wanted to try it on to see how it looks.

Love the flattering cut and design of this skirt. I'm not a skirt person & I don't think I carry them well. But for this, I can't wait to receive my skirt so I can wear it out soon too. Just pair it with any basic top and you are good to go!! And this color, such a nice color too!!

Tried on this retro polka dots top. S fits well but I find this top too restrictive for me. It'll be nicer & I'll love it more if it has a flare cut instead of straight cut. Or perhaps I can't carry straight cut well.

Throwback to yesterday!

Wearing #FashMob floral romper which I love a lot.

Been months since I put you on. Had a rundate with Bigman, a slow 3km run! Enjoyed the time spent.

But I wasted the run on these! Was craving for Thai food so we ran over to Nankhon to satisfy my craving.

#dayrefatties #dayrefoodie

Evil Bigman tempted me with desserts and I gave in.

Received more photos from Aldo SG!

With Cindy, the hot momma!!

A group photo of us! Always feels good to be seeing familiar faces in event.

I know I'm supposed to be looking at the shoes/bags but I love this dress a lot!!

Going to get that thick waist belt & try out that look. It seems to be very in-trend!

And that Tassel bag, perhaps I can spend my vouchers on it.

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