#throwback to the week!

Finally found time to go catch <Beauty & The Beast>. This happens to be our first movie for 2017 too so must take a photo for it.

I love how beautiful & romantic the whole movie was even thou the musical part wasn't as good as Lala Land.

Dropped by #Uniqlo to try out some clothing!

Love this pair of flare wide pants. They are having discount & this is only SGD29. Love the comfy & thin material of this. S fits very well so I bagged it home!

Been wanting to get a pair of boyfriend's jeans. Bigman spotted this & asked me to try. I love the cutting a lot, especially the cut out design.

And I dropped a size for my jeans size!! I'm glad all the kilo that I lost last year did not find their ways back to me.

Carted out this romper from #Fashmob!

Size S fits nicely but it's slightly tight at PTP area.

Look at the flattering cutting! I love the sleeves a lot too. This looks more like a dress in real life but it's actually a romper. Definitely a good buy that will stay in my wardrobe for a long while.

#LoveBonito just launched!
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This dress is back in stock!! Carted it out without thinking much.

Attended another #Elle Singapore event. This time round, we are visiting 3 shops in Ion to learn more about them.

First stop: FOSSIL

This is from their latest collection where you can customize your bag according to how you want it. I think this is a very cool concept because your bag will be uniquely yours & nobody else will have the same design as you.

Showcasing this bag!

I wasn't quick enough to take a photo or video of this bag but I guess this #Fossil X #OpenCeremony collection is very popular.

The bag is 2-in-1 whereby 2 bags are connected to be 1 bag using magnetic device. Very chic & versatile. There's 20% off in store now so do check it out if you are keen!

Second stop: MUJI

This season, they launched the Linen collection which I love a lot! This is a shawl that many of us are aiming for.

I love this white shirt a lot but I guess white is not my color.

Picked up the navy color instead. The girls are giving me the "go ahead" sign for this dress because they all agreed that it's very my style.

Twinning in this dress with @wang_hx.

Both Amanda wearing the same item!

Other items being introduced from this collection which I love a lot too.

Third Stop: MAC cosmetic

Hello MAC!

All the makeup!

Their new #NextToNothing foundation which many girls raved about after trying it.

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