Throwback: On Thursday.

Dinner at The Standing Sushi Bar with Bigman. We took the last empty table for 2 before a long queue started forming outside the place.

I had the usual set dinner which started with salad & 2 appetizers.

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

I love their Gyu Niku as main, the beef was done very well with the special sauce. We were too hungry so no photo of the usual fried salmon skin & sashimi.

I think this was one of the best dinner that we had for this week after flying back from Bangkok in terms of the quality of the time spent. We chatted & I was laughing the whole night away with the funny jokes & ideas that we came out with.

Thanks for loving me the way you do, for being the support when I'm lost & for being the best cheerleader when I felt so defeated by life. I can't wait for our next adventure together.

Bought this from #LoveBonito. Was deciding between mustard & this but ended up I decided to get something "safer".

Size S fits nicely but the PTP is slightly tight for me. I love the thick & structured polyester material of this top.

Throwback: On Saturday

Wearing my #Bangkok purchase & I love it so much. The Shoulder part is slightly oversize for me but I'm loving how the dress looks on me.

The "morning not awake" face!

Attended Hebeloft beauty connect workshop!


They have this very adorable machine that you can fill it with facial ball wash and you can "turn out" one facial ball wash daily.

Latest Modeling mask which sounded so cool.

I love how adorable this MayCoop Egg Pack looks. It's actually a sleeping pack mask that aids to brighten & moisturize skin. It contains egg shell powder that shrinks enlarged pores too.

The inside of this egg pack looks exactly like an egg. You have to mix the transparent & egg yolk part before using them.

Once you have mixed them well, you can apply a small amount on your face & spread them around.

It's easily absorb into your skin & I can feel my skin brightens up a lot after using.

This is their Silk Spider firming-up active cream. You have to take a pill out and rub it onto your face.

Using one of the pills onto my hand. Break the hand & you can spread them around the skin.

This is the JBU Korean ginseng drink. The health benefits of ginseng are well known. It'll help to boost immune system, stamina, improve memory & helps with anti-aging.

For those of you who are afraid of the bitter ginseng taste, the taste for this drink is not too strong too. I find it very acceptable & I especially love the Berry version. Placed them in the fridge & take one to drink in hot weather to quench thirst & build up your body immune system too.

Another interesting product will be this Candy O' Lady 1 week mask pack.

These are microfiber sheer mask that is filled with natural nutrients which helps to brighten, protect, revitalize & illuminate the skin. It comes in a pack of 7 for you to use daily so that you are see the result after 7 days.

I'm excited to try this & I hope the result will be visible after 7 days for me to share!

Boryeong Mud Tooth paste & Boryeong Mud Magic foam pack.

I've learnt in the workshop today that Boryeong is famous for their Mud & there's actually a Boryeong Mud Festival happening every year in Boryeong where people gather to have fun & enjoy the goodness of the mud all over them!!

This Mud contains mineral ingredients that have antibacterial & antiseptic effect. It also helps to removes excess sebum, moisturizers & provides nutrients to firm & smoothen you skin.

I'm very excited to try this Boryeong mud mask too. Apart from the essence in the sheet, they have real Mud content in it too. I'll do a review after I've used it. I might just use it tonight, can't contain my excitement for this especially after hearing how some beauty bloggers raving about it.

This is the May Coop white sheet which is filled with maple sap that has small & tight molecules which sink through the surface of the skin making it perfect for tired & dull skin that needs a boost of energy. Another product that I'm very keen to try on!

This is the Skylake shampoo which is known for effective stimulation of hair growth. It has anti-bacterial & anti-inflammatory properties which rids dandruff, prevent itchiness, delivering a cool, clean & fresh sensation on our scalp.

This is Skylake cleansing powder. Each capsule is packed for you to use them once, I love how convenient this is being packed for us. Pour out the powder & put some water in it, start to spread & clean your face with it.

This helps to refine & minimize pores. It helps to boost collagen, tones & improves skin's elasticity too.

This is May Coop's raw sauce. We were told that the ingredient in it is similar to SKII's ingredient.

Trying it on my hand. I love how it has a nice natural fragrance. It gets easily absorb into the skin & my skin looks brighter after applying this!!

Soosul is another brand that is popular in Singapore.

Their range of products contain Sang-hwang mushroom extract which is good for nourishing, moisturizing & claiming of skin.

This cleansing cream is able to remove light makeup, dirt & impurity directly from the pores without stripping the moisture from the skin.

Tried the mud mask on Saturday night.

Earlier in the post, I mention that the mask itself has Mud powder on the sheet mask itself? Can you see that the mask has 2 colors to it? One side is the usual white sheet mask while the other looks greyish black? That's the side with mud powder on it.

I applied this Sleeping mask to lock in the goodness from the mask too. And I woke up to brighter skin. I guess I'll have to use it more often to see obvious result.

I'm going to try the white sheet maple sap mask tonight & I can't wait for the result!

Came home to rest after Hebeloft & head down for another event with Bigman.

Layering my #Lovebonito dress with #TheClosetLover top.

Attending #Elle masterclass together. This workshop is on photography so I brought Bigman along.

Went to take #OOTD.

Group photo. So happie to see @whitechoco @linettewhz @yuniqueyuni @vanessatlx at the event.

Dinner was at Saveur located at Ion level 4. Ive been wanting to try their new menu for quite a while.

Bigman's Salmon confit as appetizer.

I don't usually eat cooked fish but this is quite well done. I love the crispy fish skin, not too oily & the thickness is just nice.

For the salmon, there's no "fishy" smell & it's very flavourful with the fennel & lemon vinaigrette sauce.

My Foie Gras as appetizer.

I love Foie Gras & it'll never go wrong to select this as appetizer. I love how they add in Apple to add in some crunchiness to it.

My pork belly as main. It comes with Garbure french stew, coco beans, ham & sous vide egg. I broke the egg & mixed it with the stew and use them as a sauce for the meat.

The skin was very crispy while the meat was very tender. I'm not usually a pork person but this is quite well done too. The only thing that I dislike from this dish has to be the stew. I don't really like to eat beans so I don't fancy the taste of the stew!

Bigman's Duck Confit.

I don't like duck confit so not much feel about it. Bigman was saying that this taste not bad but he still can't find any in SG that tasted exactly like the ones he had in Paris.

This opera cake tasted so good that we started snatching for it. I gave up after 2 mouth because it's too sweet for my liking. I love bitter chocolate more than milk chocolate.

Creme brûlée which tasted good too! We snatched this & finished this before starting on the cake.

We had the set dinner which cost SGD29.90 for 3 course meal. I think it's worth the price given the food option that we had and the quality of food.


It's a Bigman-less day because he's at work the whole day. Miss him a lot & I'm not used to not having him by my side on a Sunday.

Wearing something simple from LB for today!

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