Throwback: Last day in Bangkok!

Breakfast with the instant coffee that we bought.

I didn't want to spend 299baht for a buffet breakfast knowing that I'll take an egg & have a cup of coffee only. Ended up, I managed to psycho Bigman to buy breakfast the night before so that we can take our own time & pack our luggage.

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

I'll miss this view from our room which overlook Central World Mall & our favourite Big C supermarket.

Wearing #LoveBonito dress to make myself happier.

Done up our luggage with the stickers that we bought too. Bigman was saying for the next trip, we shall buy more stickers & mess up the whole luggage. I'll just stick to my neat & tidy design on my luggage.


With my best travel buddy. Let's explore the world together.

I've been busy since I'm back till now.

Sharing some of my purchases that I've not shared.

I went Big C on each day of my trip to buy this super nice cuttle fish.

On the first day we went, it was OOS. On the second day, we purposely made the trip during afternoon but they only have 7 packets left. On the third day, Bigman went to google & found a supermarket near Siam Paragon so we went & bought like 20 more??

I didn't know that Mt Sapola is a Thailand brand. This cost SGD12 each only after 20% discount. We bought 2 bottle back to keep.

In future when we head back to Bangkok, I want to buy more to keep. Hopefully by then, we will have our own home & I can put different smell in different room.

It was the day for part II of my Root Canal treatment. Bigman has been very assuring & feeding me with lots of confidence & guts on this.

My tooth was feeling alright after the first treatment but when I was in Bangkok, I accidentally knocked into the tooth & it started feeling very uncomfortable.

Thank God the second treatment went well but I've to be careful with my tooth for the next one week. Let's hope it'll heal well.

Cleared a whole bag of clothing to send to #Refash. All these are very old clothing which I've not worn for a long time. Too lazy to take photos and sell them here or on Carousell.

Remember to drop by their latest outlet at POMO on Friday for their grand opening!!

It feels good to be back in SG where there's rain to cool down the hot weather.

Dropped by #LoveBonito too.

Tried this dress which is a new item for this week. Tried S initially but it's too snug for me at PTP. Ended up trying M which fits better at the PTP. Ended up bagging this home. Love the structured material & the cutting of this dress. There's pockets too!

S fits nicely for this dress. This dress is lined & material is very lightweight & comfy too. But I don't think I can carry such cutting, makes me look very "flat".

This maxi is LOVE. S fits nicely but it's very snug at the PTP. I love the flowy cut of this dress & the design is very beautiful too. A pity I have no occasion to wear this dress so I put it back on the rack!

#LoveBonito just launched!
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Love how this dress feels so comfy & the design at the stomach area helps to hide the fats! I took M to try & it fits nicely.

There's no more S for this so I took M to try and it's too oversized. It's very very loose on me & I don't like the cutting of it. I have a short body for body proportion so I can only fit certain cutting.

Tried this off shoulder! I think I'm just back from BKK so I'm not willing to spend on an off shoulder in SG yet!!

This off shoulder dress looks good too but I can't carry such prints. The front part is buttons which makes it very unique. S fits nicely with allowance & length wise is good for me too.

Attended #ALDO SS17 collection preview today at The Art House.

My #OOTD for today's event, wearing the top that I got from Bangkok.

The models are moving very quickly so I'm only able to take videos of the SS17 collections. I love their clothing on the models too.

I love the candy pink shoe on her feet!

I love her overall outfit. And that shades!!

Her belt is very nice right!!

I love her shawl a lot!

This is "Stacey", the basic but staple in every girl's shoe rack. She changes "clothing" every month and for this SS17, she's full of kisses.

The middle pair of shoe from their March collection is Stacey with her new denim clothing.

Tribal collection which looks good too.

With the Aldo TV!

The "photo booth" for tonight's event is super cool. They have about 8-10 lens capturing you and all you have to do is stay still for 3 seconds & you'll get this 360 view of a photo!

One more with the rest of the people!!

With Cindy!

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