I think I didn't buy a lot at Rod Fai Market but we spent a good 4 hours there.

#dayretravel #bangkok #mandytravellog

I love the material of this floral tube top. The material is very thick & slightly structure. I love how it's not sheer.

💰: SGD4.00

I love this basic top a lot. The material is very thick & I love the cutting of it. Should have gotten more of it in other colors.

💰: SGD4.00

I love this basic sleeveless top too. They have a total of 16 colors and I was in a dilemma. Ended up choosing this color.

💰: SGD7.00

Shades are crazily cheap here. When I thought SGD4 is cheap, wait till you come to Rod Fai.

This pair of vintage yellow frame with brown lens looks very prettie in real life. Quality is very good too.

You won't believe how much this cost!

💰: SGD2.00

Another pair of vintage frame with grey lens. I love the feel of this too.

💰: SGD2.00

Another pair of funky rainbow shades. I love the design of this pair. The metal frame looks good too.

💰: SGD2.00

I wear short socks for all my shoes & I feel very uncomfortable if I don't wear socks. I guess that's the reason why I don't like open/peep-top shoes.

These cost about SGD1 per pair back in Singapore? Those that I got from Taiwan night market cost SGD1 for 3 pairs.

And here in Rod Fai, it cost 10baht per pair.

💰: SGD4 for 10 pairs

That's all for Rod Fai Market, a little lesser than expected but all the stuff are so cheap & worth the money.

It's raining in BKK, I hope it'll stop soon.

Going for a retro look today. I love how tidy my hair looks after curling but by mid-day, it'll go all messy.

Do you girls have any recommendation on hair spray that's good to keep the curl & not damaging to the hair?


With my SGD2 shades!

Retro day outfit! All ready for day 3.

Starting my day with milk tea & grass jelly. Going to miss this a lot after I'm back to SG.

These are the stickers that we bought last night. Going to use them to decorate our luggage.

The stickers that we placed in our phone!! Thanks for doing silly stuff with me like this.

#LoveBonito just launched!
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The Hen and The Egg

Address: 64 Langsuan Road Lumpini, Patumwan, Bangkok 10330 Thailand

Clean & Simple outlook.

Comfortable cushion seats.

Took our first Wefie here in Bangkok. Bigman don't feel safe to use the tripod on the road. I hope we will be able to take more nice photos later.


Chef's signature: Eggtravagana – Panned Egg Signature.

This is a fusion of eggs with Japanese fish egg roe & cheese. I quite like the savory taste of this but Bigman thinks this is very normal.

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

Egg Benedict.

There's no way you come to an egg cafe without trying egg Benedict. This is perfectly done with the egg oozing out. We love the sauce being used too.

Close up of today's details.

People watching!

Vanilla Baked Shop

Address: 12 Ekkamai

Green & leafy place.

The Original Ring: Vanilla's signature croissant doughnut floats in vanilla custard sauce.

Perfect combination of Sweet & Savory. Besides the toast from After You, I think this is the best I've tasted in Bangkok after so 4 trips here.

Took #OOTD in Vanilla Garden too.

Managed to take some nice photos in Vanilla Garden!

Fill In The Blank

Address: 28/10 Sukhumvit 61 Alley

Ordered apple-lime soda which tasted really good. I love the sour-ness of this drink, exactly what I needed after a few rounds of sweet stuff.

Took their train(BTS) from Ekkamai over to Victory Monument for the boat noodle.

During evening time, if the locations I'm going can be reach by Train, I'll take train to avoid the jam. Their train is very convenient for traveling around too.

When you reach Victory Monument, walk to Exit 3 & walk straight. Do not turn left to take the stairs down. Walk until you reach a cross junction like this then head towards the right bridge.

Take the bridge on the right.

Walk until the victory monument is slightly towards your left like this.

Look for the stairs nearest to Broadway shopping center.

Once you climb down the stairs, turn left immediately.

Cross the bridge and you will reach The Best Boat Noodle where the crews are all in orange polo tee.

It used to be 10baht per bowl 3 years ago but now they increased the price to 12baht per bowl.

This is the beef soup version where you can choose the type of noodles that you want.

They changed the wanton noodle version to pork soup instead. I'm not a pork person so I don't really fancy this. They have another version where the soup is sour base which I felt is nicer.

Our power combine.

I'm so Happie to finally found this here. I've read so much about it & here I have a packet with me. Shall try it tmr~

We wanted to order a lot of food for our usual take away supper but the roadside stall closes on Monday. We had to rush over to the Food Expo outside Central Mall just to grab some food but stalls are closing too. Ended up with these & it's not shiok at all.

The next BKK trip will be a Thursday to Monday trip where we get to enjoy all the night markets & fly back on Monday since there's nothing much here on Monday.

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