Shall post what I bought from #TaladNeon market. Things are slightly cheaper than Platinum Fashion Mall & the most expensive clothing I saw at Talad Neon is about 350baht.

I guess the place wasn't that complete yet, many stalls are still empty without a vendor. I hope they will be in full operation too so that next time when I'm here, I can shop more!!

#dayretravel #mandytravellog #Bangkok

I love this off white floral off shoulder top a lot. I hesitated for this too because Bigman said it wasn't nice initially. After I showed him the top again after trying it, he agreed that it's a good buy.

💰: SGD6.00

When worn tucked in!

This top reminded me of an online shop's design. I knew I had to buy this because the quality is good & there's a mini bow at the back which reminded me of my wedding gown.

Thank God I managed to fit in even thou the PTP is just nice for me without much allowance!!

💰: SGD8.00

I love this unique midnight blue top with blings all over it. The lighting in my room is very bad so even with camera, you can only see some parts of the bling. I think this top is a good buy!

💰: SGD8.00

Beautiful blings! Such a pity that I can't seem to capture it.

I'm not over with bell sleeves yet! I can't say no to a good quality, structured & unique color top.

💰: SGD8.00

I love this army style dress a lot. Thank God it wasn't too too short for me. Bigman said that I can only go out with this if I wear a short in it. I'm smart enough to bring an extra pair of shorts so this means I can wear it out tmr.

The quality of this dress is very good. The material is thick & the cutting is very nice. The iron on badges are very secure too & the designs of the badges are nice too.

💰: SGD9.00

Bought another pair of shades with reflective lens & plastic frame again. This comes with a metal frame but I wanted something different from my rainbow pair so I went for plastic frame.

💰: SGD4.00

This pair of shades looks very unique & nice in real life. I love the unique design of the gold metal frame & the blue lens.

💰: SGD5.00

Current favorite pair so far!

3 pairs of good quality shades for SGD13 only. And I hope I'll be able to find more today.

All ready for day 2 adventure. The shades looks good right? Love it so much. And the dress too!

Took some #OOTD along the street but I don't like them! Think I'm too hungry to stand properly and take photo.

Think we are a lazy couple to start our day at 12noon here.

Lunch was at A&W. Bangkok will never be complete without having A&W. I love how tender their chicken is too. I think the standard of their chicken is so much better than KFC.

Chocolate waffles! The highlight of today's lunch. I love the butter savory taste of the waffle.

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

Took more OOTDs by the road side.

I love the old school feel.

Went back to comb the first floor of Platinum Fashion Mall & came back with these!

I love the prints of this off shoulder top. Best part is that it's not sheer at all.

💰: SGD10.00

Close up of the prints!

Got very excited when I saw this top. I think I Dayred about a very similar top from an online shop when I went to try it out at their physical shop.

The very sweet auntie in this shop taught me how to wear it properly so that it won't be too low cut on me. There's no reason for me to say no to this when it's 99% similar to the one I saw in SG.

💰: SGD8.00

Close up of the print!

Bought this cape top. I love the cape feel design of it and the material feels so good to touch.

💰: SGD8.00

Black babydoll top with balloons sleeves. I guess there's no reason why I should not buy this!!

💰: SGD9.00

So far I've been very satisfied with my purchases. I felt that this is by far the best BKK trip because I get to shop a lot, buy a lot & eat a lot.

Bigman is a good shopping companion because he knows my style very well & will help me keep a look out for clothing which he thinks I'll like. He'll also give his honest opinion on the apparels.

Can't wait to start round 4 of shopping tonight again. Let's hope I'll find more cheap & good deals!

Ready for round 2 of shopping for tonight in #Fashmob!

Worn my seal pin for tonight!

Waiting for our cab.

Here at Rod Fai Market Srinakarin! This still remain my favourite night market in Bangkok.

My favourite wall in #RodFai.

Love this beautiful place a lot.

There's many vintage vehicles around too.

Here's me with one!

We settled at a stall that's being patronized by many local.

My bowl of goodness. I think this tasted not bad but Bigman thinks it's average only. But for SGD2, I must say they are very very generous with the ingredients.

Coconut milk shake is a MUST HAVE at night market! There's no way we can leave a night market without having a cup.

I'm so glad this BBQ Stick stall is still around. You get to choose any 5 sticks for SGD4.00. The chili sauce that they provide is very spicy & shiok too.

We ordered a BBQ squid to share too. Added extra chili and it felt so shiok too.

The shopping begins here. The prices are much cheaper as compared to Platinum Fashion Mall. Bought quite a number of items again.

Here's my Bigman engross in choosing stickers to customize our luggage. We got 13 stickers for SGD4 and the quality is very good. A pity that I can't find more pins like the pack that I've gotten from Platinum Mall.

Will show more on the stickers that we got from here.

Vintage shop which sells beautiful items. We spotted quite a lot of items to decorate our house here. Definitely making another trip to Bangkok again once we sign on the paper for our house. Things here are of very similar quality to those that we find in SG but you only need to pay 10% for it here.

Fairy lights!

Taking photo with fairy lights. Bigman said that this SGD2 retro shades that I just bought goes well with my outfit & fairy lights. So I'm crazy enough to wear them & take photo.

Finally found this make-shift chocolate banana push cart.

Chocolate banana crepes making in process.

Almost done!

Yayness. This is so delish.

I love massage. It's so shiok to enjoy SGD8 foot massage. How I wish I can have this everyday.

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