Up at unearthly hour for my flight to Bangkok! Kept this #LoveBonito top for BKK & so glad I get to wear it.

Messy hair & dead face at 4am.

I love the newly renovated toilet in our airport. Bigman was shocked at how I'm taking the flight in shorts. I brought along an extra shawl which I think should be sufficient to keep me warmth.

I guess the herbal prawn & chicken soup that he cooked last night made me "stronger" & not so afraid of cold too!

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

Boarding plane soon. So glad to have this short getaway with Bigman to take a breather.

And I can't wait to continue my sleep on plane. Let's hope it'll be a smooth 2.5 hours of flight!

#dayretravel #mandytravellog #thailand #bangkok

Goodnight SG!


Landed and bought our SIM card. I know there are many telcos here but personally I prefer this because the network is good & they give you an extra 100baht. You are able to topup your data plan if you have finish using it without having to find a telco shop.

Forever JAMMING in Bangkok~

I can't wait to go have my favourite Tom yum follow by shopping. I'm here on a mission to buy all the colors for Pom Pom earrings. They are too expensive at SGD18.90 per pair in Lovisa back in SG.

One of my favourite city! So glad to be back here. And I'm thankful for Bigman who is always so accommodating to my last minute holiday trip.

Yummilicious from Platinum Food court!

Best Buy for the day, I love the reflection from the rainbow shade.

💰: SGD4.00

I've been looking high & low for pins & I'm very Happie to find this set.

💰: SGD2.00 for 4

Off shoulder top in stripes in a shirt style.

💰: SGD9.00

How the design looks like.

Bigman spotted this black Pleated dress & when we feel the material, we knew we had to get this. Material wise, it's really good & thick. Something similar to those that LB had.

💰: SGD8.00

For this trip, I want to find off shoulder top with design. Decided on red which shows more of the design. Love the Tassel balls at the bell sleeve area.

💰: SGD10.00

My personal favourite. I hesitated on this dress because I'm not sure how it'll look on me. Thank God it fits & looks exactly like how I imagine it to be.

💰: SGD8.00

Love the hem design.

Walking to Central World mall to check out #Melissa shoe.

The few designs left with 70% off.

#TaladNeon market next!

#OOTD with the containers there.

Rows of tent selling food & clothing.

There happens to be a fun fair going on till end of March.

Fooling around!

Settled at a stall for dinner.

We came to this store because of this Fresh fish with chili lemon sauce. We tried one very delicious lemon fish in Phuket before so Bigman was Happie to find this.

This doesn't taste like the one we had in Phuket but it's still very tasty.

💰: SGD16.00

Tom yum which tasted so-so. I think the one in the Platinum Food court is better.

Seafood salad which tasted so-so too. Nothing much in it except cold seafood.

Fried insects for sales. Felt very impressed when I saw locals buying them for enjoyment.

Nitrogen added into fruits to make them harden.

They place fake trees around the night market & the trees will light up when sun set.

Saw this stall which sells adorable handmade animal purses. Ain't they beautiful?

There's not a lot of stalls selling clothing but the prices of the clothing are slightly cheaper than Platinum Fashion Mall. I managed to fill up my recycle bag once again with many good buys.

The fun fair adding colors to the night market.

Fairy lights! I love it when night market has fairy lights.

So much love for them.

Bought the ice watermelon to quench our thirst & it only cost 30Baht for a super big cup!

💰: SGD1.40 per cup

They have this interesting light up clock too!

Head over to Palladium mall to check out the DIY stalls. This is the place I usually go to when I want to diy keychain, passport holder, caps, hand phone case and other stuff!

Went for foot massage nearby palladium & it was a shiok session! We will be going back tmr again to the same place.

💰: SGD8.00

I managed to find the last roadside stall near Central World.

It's located underneath the bridge that links Central World to Platinum Fashion mall.

I managed to snap a photo of the location of the stall during day time. Just walk below the bridge and you'll be able to find it.

Our supper tonight.

The standard of the Tom yum remains & I love the mushroom in it. So fresh & tender. The clams in spicy chili tasted good too but please don't not expect it to be spicy like SG version. And the fish, it's so fresh that I ate quite a bit of it.

💰: SGD22.00

We went to Big C Supermarket located opposite of Central World and the crowd was crazy. The place is overcrowded & people are pushing their trolleys all over the place. I got banged a few times till I got so irritated.

Thank God Bigman was patient enough to finish the shopping for our drinks & snacks before calming me down.

Enjoying my supper with Bigman now while watching our favourite variety show. Shall have a good rest tonight & sleep in as late as we went!

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