Exactly 11 years ago, Bigman & I met for the first time.

Moving forward, exactly 5 years ago, we went to take our pre-wedding photo on this day.

Every time I look back, I love my MTM gown with the huge purple bow a lot.

A pity that 5 years ago, there ain't Dayre yet so I can't be a #dayrebride!!

I love the feel of this photo a lot. It was selected as the photo for our wedding invite.

Another of my favourite set too. We had to collect the balloons early in the morning, squeeze it into the car together with my other gowns & outfit. Thank God the helium balloons survived.

This lalang spot was our last spot. Once we left the place, a thunderstorm flooded the whole SG. Our photographer & makeup artist who followed us said we were "Lucky" that we managed to finish everything by 3pm!

Thanks for being my best friend, soul mate, travel buddy, counselor, personal chef & my lover. I'm blessed to have you in my love, loving me the way I am, never expecting me to change. Thanks for always supporting the decisions I made & letting me indulge so much in life.

I can't wait for our impromptu trip this weekend to spend quality time together.

We head back to the Jack's place where we had our first meal together. To be honest, I think that their steak's standard is not so good. But it's quite memorable to be back here after 11 years.

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

Wearing my #ASOS dress for a birthday dinner with a friend tonight.

Dinner at The Tavern! I love beautiful vintage places like this.

It felt as thou we had booked down the whole restaurant because we are the only customer for the night.

They don't have a physical menu. All the food that are available for the day will be written on a board which will be push to you when you want to order.

Foie Gras which tasted really good.

Our tenderloin steak which tasted so good as compared to Jack's place!!

Lobster Aglio olio which tasted so-so only. Quite a disappointment with the standard.

With the birthday girl!!

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